Best Glock for First Time Buyers

Whether you’re a combat hardened veteran or an anti-gun nut, due to popular media, “Glock,” has become a household word. While the uninformed might think it is just slang for a pistol, we know that Glock is actually a firearm manufacturer based out of Austria. They’ve been in the business for a decent minute and currently have over fifty models to choose from. (Note, not all models are available for civilian purchase, in order to get full access to the products and have an order shipped to your house from an online vendor you will need an FFL license. For more information, check out the FFL License Guide.)

The simplicity of their engineering and time tested reliability have made Glock the go-to weapons of several Law Enforcement Officers throughout the world. In addition to serving those who protect us at home, Glock works with several governments to help supply their military with high quality weapons that can withstand the rigors of combat.

While Glocks are a popular firearm that will not break the bank, it is important to know that they do not come equipped with a traditional safety switch. Instead, it uses three, internal mechanisms in order to prevent the accidental discharge of the weapon. As always, treat every weapon as if they are loaded. Safety is paramount when it comes these tools.

Since Glock has so many models and information to sift through, we have decided to narrow our list and try out some of the more popular pistols. The following opinions are personal and do not necessarily mean that everyone agrees. The data below the picture includes summarized bullets as well as company specifications. For the most up to date information, please research the official Glock product page related to your desired weapon.

Glock Pistols for Concealed Carry

Pistols generally have two options, the first of which is something that can remain hidden yet comfortable. Thousands use Glocks as their primary conceal carry weapon, and their reputation of reliability will allow you to feel confident it will be ready to perform no matter when you need it.

Glock 26

Pros:        Compact Size Great for Conceal Carry

                 Fairly Accurate Despite a Short Barrel

Cons:      Short Grip Requires Adjustments as you Shoot

                 Compact Nature Reduces its Effective Range

                 Trigger-Pull Varied between 4 lbs 10 oz and 6 lbs 1 oz

Caliber:    9x19mm

Capacity:     10+1

Price:        $499.00

This G26 is one of Glock’s more popular models for concealed carry. It offers a compact size that allows it to be hidden in the waistline and remains comfortable even for extended periods. Due to it being a compact, its overall effective range is reduced compared to other models, though it is still accurate within close quarters. A common complaint is related to the standard grip of the weapon. Since it is small, the pinky and ring finger hang off and cause the weapon to shift after every couple rounds. In order to maintain a proper sight picture, it is common to readjust your hold of the G26.

Glock 42

Pros:        Smallest Glock Pistol

                 Great as a Backup Weapon

Cons:       Smallest Glock Pistol    (Yes, we know it is both a pro & con)

                 Small Capacity

Caliber:     .380 GAP

Capacity:     6+1

Price:         $459.00

The G42 is the smallest firearm that Glock creates with it falling just under six inches in length from the tip of the barrel to the butt of the grip. This makes it ideal for pocket carry, since it has a thin, single-stack frame. Due to its small size, and relatively small width when compared to most other pistols, the G42 is often uncomfortable to hold for those with larger hands. It is great for those who want to carry something for comfort, or for those who want to conceal a backup firearm.

Glock 43

Pros:        Easily Concealed

                Grip is an Improvement on the G26

                More Stopping Power than G42

Cons:        Small capacity

Caliber:     9x19mm

Capacity:    6+1

Price:        $499.00

If you like the feel of the G42, but want something a little bigger with a tad more stopping power, the G43 is your weapon. The increased surface area of the grip allows it to be more easily handled, even by those with bigger hands. For a concealed carry weapon, this firearm produces a balance between control and stopping power that will ensure a consistent shot group. Again, due to the streamlined frame, this weapon uses single-stack magazines and reduces the overall capacity compared to other weapons.

Glock 19 Gen4

Pros:        Longer Barrel Compared to Compacts

                 Improved Grip

                Almost Double Capacity Compared to Compacts

Cons:       Standard Sights are a Bit Poor

                 Harder to Conceal than Compacts

Caliber:     9x19mm

Capacity:     15+1 Standard (Aftermarket magazine have varying capacities)

Price:        $549.00

Some people may argue that this isn’t a concealed carry weapon. While it might not be a compact pistol, it certainly qualifies for conceal carry. Instead of being a large compact, this is like a slightly reduced version of the full-sized G17. The benefits are astounding. The longer barrel improves accuracy, the grip makes control second-nature, and the increased capacity ensures that you will be prepared for even the worst situations. Though it is a personal preference, the standard sights don’t give this weapon the justice it deserves, but they are easy to swap out with something more effective.

Pistols for Home Defense or Duty Weapons

We do not presume to say that the above weapons should only be used for conceal carry, or that the below firearms should be reserved for everything but. In our opinion, larger firearms tend to get uncomfortable and can make the concealing aspect hard to maintain. Due to these reasons, we have delegated the following firearms to Pistols for Home Defense or Duty Weapons. Their increased size provides better accuracy, capacity, and stopping power than many of the pistols listed above.

Glock 17 Gen4

Pros:        Increased Competitive Edge over G19   

Cons:        Relatively Small Stopping Power

Caliber:     9x19mm

Capacity:    17 Standard

Price:        $499.00

The G17 is the bigger brother of the G19. Both fire the same round, though the larger frame allows the G17 to surpass its sibling in almost all competitive categories. If you are in need of a reliable, primary duty weapon, the G17 is a popular choice among police officers. The primary downside to this weapon is the fact that it only chambers a 9mm round and in some situations the lack of stopping power can be detrimental to the user.

Glock 21

Pros:        Massive Stopping Power

                  Decent Capacity Given Round Size

Cons:        Hard to Handle for those Inexperienced with Firearms

Caliber:     .45 GAP

Capacity:    13 Standard

Price:        $547.00

The G21 is the big boy of the Glock world. It chambers the famous .45 round though it is important to know that the .45 GAP is a bit shorter than the .45 ACP, so it does reduce the total amount of grain inside the casing. Still, given the capacity of the magazine, the trade off is more than welcome. This firearm is great for those who do not want to take the risk that an attacker will keep coming, though the kick might be a bit much for someone who does not have much experience shooting firearms. Overall, this is a great pistol for home defense.

Best All Around Glock for First Time Buyers

Glock 19

Based off of our testing, we believe that the Glock 19 provides the most versatile platform of all of Glock’s weapons. It can be used as a concealed carry pistol but still offers the size that can let it play with the big boys. Ultimately, it is a jack of all trades and the perfect place to start your Glock collection. Glock 19 comes in both Gen3 and Gen4, so it depends on your price range. It is normal to find used Gen3’s going for around $499.00 on the retail market and MOS Gen4’s at $749.00. It is possible to purchase these weapons at wholesale prices if you have an FFL. If you need to learn how to get your own, check out one of comprehensive guides.


Getting your FFL might seem like a huge ordeal, but it is really just about having the right information. The effort could save hundreds of dollars because you can purchase equipment much cheaper and it allows you to have firearms shipped directly to your door. This bypasses having to wait for your local shop to stock hard to find weapons (like G19 Gen4 MOS) and can put yourself in the position to start a part time business. Thanks for reading, and make sure to stop in next week. If you want a additional convenience, sign up for our newsletter, and we will send our content straight to your inbox. Stay safe, friends.

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