C&R FFL License

C&R 03 FFL License

A Collector of Curios and Relics license, otherwise known as a C&R FFL, is a license issued to individuals who wish to collect antique firearms which the ATF has classified as curios or relics. This license is the most limiting and restrict of all FFL licenses and very different from other types of FFLs.

A licensee with a C&R is only licensed to obtain firearms classified as curios or relics without being subject to the Brady law, which requires a background check on all firearms sales. A C&R cannot purchase curios and relics just for resale purposes. That would be considered dealing them, which requires a different type of license. The type 03 ffl collector’s license is for embellishing a personal collection of antique firearms only. When it comes to purchases of modern firearms, the licensee would still be required to complete a form 4473 just like a non-licensee would need to.
The ATF has three qualifications which deem a firearm a “curio” or “relic.” The first is if the firearm has been manufactured 50 years previous the current date. The actual firearm must be that old, as replicas do not count. The second is that is has been certified by a curator of a municipal, state, or federal museum which exhibits firearms to be curios or relics of museum interest. The final qualification is that the firearm derives a substantial part of its monetary value based on that it is novel, rare, bizarre, or its association with some historic person, event, or period.

A C&R licensee must keep a bound record similar to other types of FFL licenses. The ffl bound book must contain information such as the specs on the firearm, when, and from where you received the firearm. Should you dispose of the firearm, you must also record that information as well. Contrary to other types of FFL licenses, you will not need to turn your records over to the ATF when you decide not to renew your license. The ATF only requires the records of FFL licensees “engaged in business,” and a C&R license does not allow you to engage in business.
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