How Eliminating “Gun-Free Zones” Can Keep Us Safe

Why Gun-Free Zones Don’t Make Sense and What We Should Do About It

Many communities, facilities and businesses in the U.S. have established “gun-free zones” where no one is allowed to carry or possess firearms. The supporters of such zones claim that they cut down on violence and help protect people. In the wake of recent mass shootings and tragedies, though, it’s time to question whether or not gun-free zones keep us safe.

Do Gun-Free Zones Really Make Sense?

Gun-free zones were originally created by well-intentioned people who thought that removing guns from such areas would help keep citizens safe. However, these well-meaning people failed to account for the fact that such zones would leave innocent people vulnerable, making it easy for armed individuals to prey on those they know are unarmed.

Therein lies the inherent illogic of gun-free zones. If laws were effective in keeping criminal behavior in check, there would be no need for prisons. People would respect private property and the lives of others, and we’d have nothing about which to worry. Unfortunately, that’s just not how our world works. Responsible citizens follow laws and obey gun-free zone regulations, but criminals and mass shooters simply don’t care about these restrictions.

Schools, public facilities, hospitals, bars and even some areas on military bases have been declared gun-free zones. Unfortunately, the individuals who use these spaces become sitting ducks when gunmen attack. They have no viable way to defend themselves. Although the mainstream media may deny it, one armed individual can indeed stop a tragedy. There are many cases of armed individuals in public spaces such as schools, churches and stores who stopped armed attackers.

What Can Be Done About Gun-Free Zones?

Many gun owners and dealers know that getting rid of gun-free zones is a common-sense step towards keeping innocent people safe. Allowing responsible gun owners to carry their weapons in areas such as malls and transit stations would discourage would-be shooters and provide a layer of protection in case of attacks. If we want to cut back on mass shootings as a culture, we need to acknowledge that good guys with guns can stop crime.

Of course, that doesn’t mean these areas would become lawless spaces. Individuals would still be required to follow concealed carry or open carry regulations in the area. In spaces such as bars and clubs, those carrying guns would also be expected to stay sober. It’s important to share these common-sense ideas with your legislators and with those in your life who are in favor of greater gun control too.

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