FFL License – How Long Does it Take to Get ?

FFL License – How Long Does it Take to Get ?

If you’ve done much research on getting your FFL, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the process. Many people think, “how much work is this thing going to be?” Coupled with this question is usually, “how long will it take?” Rest assured, it’s neither as much work nor takes as long as you might think.

From our own findings and reports that previous members have given us, it takes about 8-9 hours’ worth of work to complete all of the paperwork and have your ducks in a row for your FFL. If you break that down, that’s just a little over an hour a night for a week. Not a bad amount of time for what you get out of it! I recently applied for my eighth FFL and it look me about 30 minutes since I knew exactly what I was doing. Our goal is to help you save time and this helps create value for our customers.

Next, according to law set forth by the ATF, the Attorney General must respond to your FFL application with either an approval or denial within 60 days after its receipt. Furthermore, if this doesn’t happen, the applicant may file an action to compel the Attorney General to act. You’ll very likely get a response before the 60 day time period is up, but the ability to take action if you don’t is helpful should it come down to it. We can help you ensure you get a quick response and a positive response on top of that.

With the help of FFL123.com, getting your FFL license is quicker, easier, more confidently completed.. Join FFL123.com and get your license done right. Your FFL isn’t too far away!

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