Sensible Safety for Self-Defense

Safe Storage without Sacrificing Performance

If you’re serious about protecting yourself, your home and your family, you should also be conscious of gun safety. No, we don’t mean banning all weapons (as so many politicians and media would love); rather, when we talk about gun safety, we mean effective ways to store your weapons so that they’re ready to be used the way they’re intended.

If you store furearms in your home for self-defense, you want to be able to access them quickly. How can you keep your weapons easily accessible, yet safely out of reach (and out of sigh t) of young children, guests, and visitors to your home? A gun safe may be a good place to store especially valuable guns, like family heirlooms and special hunting rifles. But for self-defense, a traditional gun safe won’t do you any good. In the heat of a break in, do you think an attacker will do you the favor of waiting patiently while you fiddle with a safe’s combination lock?

Fortunately, many manufacturers offer a wide range of firearm accessories that promote safety without sacrificing practicality, such as quick-draw pistol safes, concealed carry holsters, and vehicle-based safes and holsters. There are myriad options for storing handguns and EDC weapons, and even some options for storing full sized rifles and tactical accessories so they’re available at your fingertips at a moment’s notice. Here are just a few interesting solutions that may be right for you.

Quick Draw Pistol Safe

If you want a safe quick-draw option, a quick-draw vault is a great option. You can mount it to the inside of a desk in your work or home office, or practically any surface. The easy-access vault drops open, positioning your handgun in the optimal position to grip instantly. If you’re in a sitting position, it may be challenging to quick draw from a hip holster or retrieve a handgun from a desk drawer.

The quick-draw vault puts your handgun at your fingertips instantly. Some models even open with a fingertip scanner, so you don’t even have to fumble with push-buttons or keys. As an added benefit, the scanning lock system ensures that you’re the only person who can open the vault.

Secure CHL Holsters

If you own a modern handgun, you shouldn’t be worried about accidental discharge. Modern designs virtually eliminate that possibility. Many concealed carriers prefer a holster that allows a smooth, instant draw while keeping the carrier comfortable.

Canted holsters are very popular among some CCW carriers. The tilted position makes it easier to conceal your handgun depending on which part of your body you wear it, and it can also help position the gun for an easy draw. Forward-canted hip holsters (also known as FBI style) position your handgun so it’s nearly impossible for an assailant to grab your gun from behind.

Female-specific concealed carry holsters are becoming more popular. One particular style is the Flash Bang holster – just like the name implies, you flash, draw, and bang. The bra-mounted holster adapts to virtually any woman’s wardrobe. The comfortable style has the benefit of providing a novel draw style – the moment of pulling the shirt upward may momentarily bewilder an attacker, who will soon be surprised and staring down the barrel of a gun. This holster may not be for everyone, but it sure is noteworthy.

On The Move

The Titan PistolVault is a permanent safe that mounts to the side of your seat. It needs no batteries, instead relying on a push-button locking system. Best of all, it deploys your pistol with the grip upwards, allowing you to get a quick grip. If you need a more temporary option, there are many styles of mounts that allow you to attach a holster to the underside of your seat, or underneath the steering column.

Of course, you may have needs beyond handgun storage. If you want to store rifles or shotguns in your car, consider a TruckVault, a large metal vault that slides into the back of your pick-up, SUV, van or car. You can transform your trunk into a mobile gun safe, and for added convenience, you can access the vault with the press of a key fob remote.

If you’re interested in obtaining the best firearms and accessories at the best possible price, you need a Federal Firearms License, and if you want the absolute best selection you’ll need Class 3 SOT status as well. At FFL123, we can get you through the process. It may be a daunting application, but with our guides you’ll sail through the process and have your certification in no time. To learn more, contact us now.

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