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Stafford Act and FFL's FFL123

We’ve written a couple times about FFL’s being forced to close or threatened with closure during the Coronavirus epidemic, along with plans to limit the ability to purchase or transport arms if desired by local authorities.

The fact that American gun owners are being overtly and sometimes explicitly targeted in various emergency orders should give anyone who values freedom and liberty pause. Already extraordinary measures that likely go beyond the legal authority the people issuing them have been put in place that greatly curtail the movement and association of people.

However, constitutional and ethical issues aside, there is one glaring …

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Suspension of gun sales FFL123

Well, that didn’t take long.

Now the Coronavirus is being used to suspend, or allow for the suspension of gun sales.  That’s correct folks. Right now, for the first time since Jim Crow, millions of Americans are straight up denied access or the ability to purchase guns. This isn’t fearmongering, in fact we watched things unfold for a couple days before preparing this article to try and get an idea of what was going on with gun sales in a rapidly changing world.

So What’s Going On?

Right now at this writing multiple states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Nevada, …

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Impact of Coronavirus to Gun Sales

Right now, Coronavirus panic is sweeping the country. President Trump has declared a state of emergency, and at this writing, Washington State is the latest state to close bars, restaurants, and nearly all public gatherings. Grocery stores and gunshops alike are selling out of inventory, and along with the need to handle retail operations during increased demand, there is also the very real question of how to deal with health and safety during this time.

Here are three expert tips to help FFL holders deal with Coronavirus concerns.

Keep Safe

Basic sanitation isn’t cutting it anymore. With increased demand for guns, …

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