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Video Guide

Gunshows are traditionally a great way to make money selling guns and other accessories. However they can also be a great way to go broke if you don’t know what you are doing. Because FFL’s typically buy guns from the same distributors, it is really easy to be selling the same stuff as the guy next to you. The same goes for accessories and ammo.

Customers hate seeing table after table of the same guns and the same gear all with prices that can vary wildly from vendor to vendor, and that can turn them off from your table and even …

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Guide to FFL

A Federal Firearms License (or FFL) can be a very complicated license to get. Not only are you dealing with Federal bureaucracy, but you have to pass extensive background checks, and a personal one on one examination with an ATF agent in order to personally satisfy them that you are familiar with gun laws, Federal, state and local regulations, are zoned properly and are actually going to engage in business.

Getting an FFL is no simple act of filling out a form, sending a check, and waiting a few weeks. It is a very involved process fraught with difficulty and annoyances …

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