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FFL123.com Customer Map

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FFL123 Customer Map

FFL123.com Customer Map –  click here

Like most businesses, FFL123.com was created to solve a problem and fill a customer’s need.  We all know gun owners avoid dealing with the government like the plaque, no one wants to give the government more information than they require.  The other side of the coin is no one wants to mess up an ffl application process with the government either.  Interactions with a government agency can create anxiety with all of us… reason we hire tax advisors to do our taxes that …

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    Brandon Maddox.
    CEO FFL123

    I operate my FFL business online, at gun shows and operations in several states. I have learned all the tricks of the trade.

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    gun digest magazine 2012 ffl123 review
    The Gun Digest has received many inquiries related to your product offering... Brandon, you have a great product that works as advertised and provides an excellent value and service...you will soon see a write-up on my editor's colmn reflecting this feedback.
    Senior Editor, endorse by gun digest review small logo ffl123 endorse by gun digest review small logo ffl123 Click here to read the full review Click here to read the full review