Can We Predict Gun Politics?

Protecting Our Rights in the Election Year

Should politics play a part in gun ownership rights? Whether we like it or not, firearm legislation is a hot issue in American politics and media. Considering the attempted legislative restrictions on gun rights in the past few years alone, we all feel the uncertainty that lies ahead, especially in a presidential election year.

Ironically, for all the gun restrictions proposed during the Obama administration, he did not emphasize gun control during his campaign. This year, presumptive Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is making a point of being tough on gun issues, and she’s already gone on the record with several proposals that may affect us if she has her way.

Hillary Clinton supports “comprehensive background checks” and “closing loopholes” that allow guns to fall into the wrong hands. When politicians use terms so general and broad, should we trust them to understand the nuances of gun ownership? They’re much more likely to pass sweeping regulations that negatively affect the average American gun owner. Unfortunately, oftentimes the legislation that keeps guns away from criminals also keeps them from Americans who just want to defend themselves – and criminals will still find a way to get their weapons.

Fortunately, those who take action ahead of changes in policy may enjoy their “grandfathered” freedoms, but we must stay ahead of the trends before politicians impose restrictions on the gun trade. Today, regular gun buyers are subject to myriad regulations, but FFL holders can easily bypass these hindrances and acquire the best guns and ammo at wholesale prices. Think you can only have an FFL or Class 3 License if you have a brick and mortar storefront? Think again! All you need to get your FFL is a guaranteed guide to help you navigate the process.

Hillary Clinton is on record in support of raising the FFL fee to $2,500, as reported by the Americans for Tax Reform. The fee currently ranges from $30 to $200.

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Brandon Maddox :