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Exclusive FFL123 – FFL License Guide [2022]

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  1. This guide covers up through 2022 as laws change rapidly in this field.
  2. I walk you through Every step of FFL License Approval process.
  3. Simple to follow instructions. Our Guide Only
  4. Local issues cover & solved (top reason for failure). Our Guide Only
  5. Access to all required forms for FFL Application process.
  6. Sample application, showing exactly what needs to go on application. Our Guide Only
  7. ATF Visit Preparation Guide MEGA Reference. Our Guide Only
  8. Cover all NINE FFL License types for you to decide which one you want. Our Guide Only
  9. This FFL guide covers specific requirements & details on obtaining a Type 07 FFL. Our Guide Only
  10. Final checklists to ensure you send the right items to ATF for processing.
  11. CA, NY, & NJ FFL Required Paperwork! (Even Home FFL in Mass.) Our Guide Only
  12. All regulations on both a state & federal laws governing firearms! Our Guide Only
  13. ATF approved template in Excel for Acquisitions & Dispositions (A&D)! Our Guide Only
  14. Guide to complete Form 4473 for all transactions. Our Guide Only
  15. Every brochure & handout ATF requires for new FFL license holders. Our Guide Only
  16. Access to member’s only website & member’s forum (80,000+ members).
  17. Detailed list of EVERY licensed FFL Dealer in the Country. Our Guide Only
  18. Sample A&D log to see how to properly document every type of transaction. Our Guide Only
  19. Backgrounder on NICS & guns shows for FFL dealers.
  20. Instruction on how to complete day to day forms for your operations.
  21. Wholesalers & manufacturers “How To Setup Accounts” best prices & selection. Our Guide Only
  22. Bonus List of over 30,000 manufactures and wholesalers.Our Guide Only
  23. Prepare you for ATF Inspections & help you Remain in compliance. Our Guide Only
  24. Software to manage firearms collection. ($99 value)
  25. Personal help from a home based FFL License Dealer, see my Success Stories.
  26. Updated Daily! (Trump updates recently added)
  27. 150% money back guarantee!

Available from FFL123.com Only

Exclusive FFL123 – Class 3 (SOT)Guide [2022]

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  1. Learn from one of the Nation’s Largest Class 3 dealers!
  2. Start learning where better margins market in Class 3 weapons!
  3. Learn how to acquire and make dealer demo machine gun samples!
  4. Enter the hottest and fastest growing firearms sector in America!
  5. Contact with Class 3 guru, Brandon, as needed!
  6. What to expect during application process and insights from our recent experience!
  7. Step by step guide walks you through the dealer application process!
  8. All forms needed in a downloadable format!
  9. National Firearms Act (NFA) contact numbers of specific people in WV for questions that come up!
  10. Highlight all NFA laws within federal references, including insights from our ATF inspection visit!
  11. Forms for future transfers, and info on how transfers will occur!
  12. All Federal & State references that you need to review!
  13. Authorizations forms for fax communications with ATF!
  14. Access to a member’s only website in a modern and easy to navigate format!
  15. Sample Acquisitions & Dispositions log!
  16. 150% money back guarantee!
  17. This guide covers up through 2022 as laws change rapidly in this field.

Available from FFL123.com Only

Exclusive FFL123 – FFL License & Class 3 (SOT) Guides [Updated 2022]

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  1. #1 Selling & Most All-Inclusive FFL Kit
  2. FEATURED in NRA’S American Rifleman
  3. This guide covers up through 2022 as laws change rapidly in this field.
  4. Over 75,000 Happy Customers
  5. Member’s only Forums for local discussions
  6. Chat access with owner during day
  7. Recently Endorsed by Gun Digest Magazine
  8. Works in Every Zip Code in America- 2022 Updates
  9. Five Step Process- Tested & Proven!
  10. 150% Money Back Guarantee – Risk Free
  11. Better Business Bureau Accredited – A+ Rated
  12. Better Business Bureau Honor Roll
  13. Covers “Off Site” storage loopholes
  14. Written by home based FFL License holder
  15. Overcomes key reasons for home FFL denial
  16. Covers local, state, & Federal requirements
  17. Covers new ATF Prework Requirements
  18. Access to owner with questions
  19. ATF interview preparation MEGA guide
  20. Manufacturers & Distributors account setup
  21. Trade Reference- required after FFL obtained
  22. Robust member’s only website
  23. Covers all eight FFL License types
  24. Make / Buy / Sell SBR’s, machine guns, silencers
  25. Make / Buy / Sell machine-gun dealer samples
  26. Upgrades your FFL License
  27. Learn how to get into Class 3 weapons
  28. Better margins, fastest growing sector
  29. Works in CA and other non-class 3 friendly states


Brandon Maddox, CEO FFL123

I operate my FFL business online,at gun shows and operations in several states. I have learned all the tricks of the trade.


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