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Competition Shooting Run Down

Action shooting is growing quite a bit in popularity. Shooting sports, in general, have become a major focus for guns and gear manufacturers with gear dedicated purely for competition becoming quite common. Here are the three most popular action shooting sports in the United States. This is a general run down and overview of the basics of the systems. The rule books for these sports are often close to 50 pages. This should give you a decent idea of the competitions out there though.

IPSC Handguns

IPSC, or the International Practical Shooting Confederation, is one of the oldest action …

If you are a concealed carrier or just a gun owner, and you pay attention you’ve heard the term, Constitutional Carry. More and more states are adopting Constitutional Carry to replace traditional carry systems. There are currently 13 states that have adopted Constitutional Carry, and it’s gaining steam.

Constitutional Carry is both a new and old theme. It’s old since it was the initial form of carrying a firearm. At the time of our country’s founding, we had Constitutional carry. As society progressed more and more laws were introduced as an attempt to curb violence, and the unlicensed …

What’s a 12 gauge firearm?

When I say the words 12 gauge, you probably think shotgun. That makes since, because 12 gauge has long been a round dedicated to shotguns. Proclaiming that 12 gauge is only a round for shotguns is not an accurate statement. In the last few years we’ve seen something called 12 gauge firearms rise into popularity. This includes both Remington and Mossberg turning their flagship shotguns into firearms.

What do you mean Firearm?

I keep saying firearm as if it is its own classification of gun. In a way it is, but it’s basically a catch all …

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In January, 2016, Facebook’s executive leadership decided that it would no longer maintain its role simply as a social media platform. Instead, they decided that due to the lack of government intervention in regards to private firearms sales, it was their duty to do something about it. They released an announcement that posts promoting the sale of firearms or ammunition will be taken down. In the subsequent weeks, countless groups were annihilated by these new regulations.


It didn’t matter if the groups were actually facilitating private firearm sales or not. Simply displaying a firearm could be enough to …

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