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President-elect Donald J. Trump signifies a massive shift in American culture. For the last decade, media outlets have been blatant with their bias towards left-leaning topics, while the hard workers have been marginalized and treated like deplorables, simply because we hold different values than their so-called, “tolerant,” way of life. One of the keys battlefields of this debate involves gun violence.

I know that this is going to sound like nails on a chalkboard, but the left isn’t trying to be evil, honestly they are just naive. They believe by restricting …

Whether you’re a combat hardened veteran or an anti-gun nut, due to popular media, “Glock,” has become a household word. While the uninformed might think it is just slang for a pistol, we know that Glock is actually a firearm manufacturer based out of Austria. They’ve been in the business for a decent minute and currently have over fifty models to choose from. (Note, not all models are available for civilian purchase, in order to get full access to the products and have an order shipped to your house from an online vendor you will need an FFL …

Under the Gun Isn’t the Honest Documentary It Claims to Be

Released in May 2016, the Katie Couric-backed documentary Under the Gun claimed to be a neutral exploration of gun violence and gun safety in the U.S. However, the film was plagued with criticism from its first showing. Journalists proved that the documentary had deliberately been edited to make pro-gun advocates seem stupid. In an even bigger controversy, the film’s director actually admitted to breaking federal gun laws during filming.

What Happened Behind the Scenes of Under the Gun?

While filming Under the Gun, a producer who lived in Colorado traveled to Arizona …

Why Gun-Free Zones Don’t Make Sense and What We Should Do About It

Many communities, facilities and businesses in the U.S. have established “gun-free zones” where no one is allowed to carry or possess firearms. The supporters of such zones claim that they cut down on violence and help protect people. In the wake of recent mass shootings and tragedies, though, it’s time to question whether or not gun-free zones keep us safe.

Do Gun-Free Zones Really Make Sense?

Gun-free zones were originally created by well-intentioned people who thought that removing guns from such areas would help keep citizens safe. However, these well-meaning …

Hawaii Becomes First State to Track Law-Abiding Gun Owners

Hawaii has taken action to become the first state to list all licensed gun owners in a federal database. Passed on June 23 by a Democrat-controlled legislature with support from Honolulu Police Department Maj. Richard Robinson, Hawaii Senate Bill 2954 takes effect immediately.

With Democrat Governor David Ige’s signature, Hawaii is the first state to utilize the FBI’s Rap Back Next Generation Identification (NGI) system to track the activities of firearm owners. The new law allows Hawaii police departments to evaluate and monitor whether an individual should have the right to possess firearms, …

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