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Making CA$H at Gunshows with Brandon L. Maddox

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What You'll Learn
What You'll Be Prepared For
What You'll Love
Lesson Plan

Part-time income and regional success at gun shows are within reach with the help of dealer and sales marketing expert

Brandon L. Maddox – Instructor

A FFL Dealer licensed in four states and works gunshows five months a year. One of the largest Class 3 FFL dealers in the country, as owner of Dakota Silencer.

As owner of FFL123.com, Brandon has helped countless thousands of FFL holders get established since 2005 and has been actively involved in all aspects of sales and marketing in the firearms industry.

Brandon received his Master’s in Business Administration from the prestigious Duke University and attended there on a full scholarship and was President of his class. Brandon has a firm understanding of the firearms industry and is dedicated to your success. View Linkedin profile >>

What You'll Learn
  • Brandon’s step-by-step approach for making gunshows a successful and part-time income generator.
  • A complete analysis of what you need to do in preparing for the gunshow; which shows to work, building solid foundation, building credibility, items to create and purchase, suggestions on ways to improve communication skills, and research on what to promote.
  • A full walk through on what to do at the gunshow to be successful, how to setup, how to display, how to network, at show promotional ideas and how to extend the show to get sales afterwards.
  • After the gunshow, steps to further extend show, follow up items, market research new items to carry.
  • Insights from sales and marketing guru Brandon Maddox, with an FFL in SD, ND, NE, & WY and works gunshows 5 months out of the year.
What You'll Be Prepared For
  • Strong presence at local or regional gunshows
  • Hobby or part-time income generation opportunity
  • Building strong foundation to supplement future online efforts or future retail efforts if so desired
What You'll Love
  • Brandon’s clear and comprehensive instructions
  • Learning from Brandon’s successes and disappointments
  • Accessing this video class at any time from any internet-connected device, allowing you learn these amazing skills on your schedule
  • Over 2 hours of personal instruction
  • Includes PowerPoint slides of all videos (in pdf)
Lesson Plan
1a Introductions & Objectives 20:20
1b Keys to Success 15:29
2 Items needed to take & create 23:54
3 Preparing for the Gunshow 26:12
4a At the Gunshow 17:15
4b Promotional Ideas / After Gunshow 15:11

Brandon L. Maddox, Pharmacist, MBA
CEO, FFL123.com
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arrow"What are the benefits of getting an FFL License?"

Create a side income from home to make extra money in this tough economy. Also, Save 30% on your guns & ammo! Eliminate those FFL transfer fees and hassles. Enjoy the freedom to buy and sell guns as you please. Plus, having an FFL License may protect you from future gun laws that may restrict the rights of unlicensed persons.

arrow"How much does an FFL cost?"

The application fee is based on the type of license that you apply for. (There are eight types of FFL licenses.) The fees range from $30 to $200 and covers the first 3 years. Yes, the ATF will take a credit card on the application. The FFL renewal cost is $90 every 3 years afterward (which is only $30 per year). It’s a wise and cheap investment.

arrow"Can you tell me more about the contents of your guide?"

The contents of my guides are so insightful and unique; the US Federal Patent and Copyright’s office issued me a Federal Copyright, click here. The guides were written by me, based on my many years of experience as a home based FFL dealer and Class 3 dealer. I have been through the process many times and work in this FFL environment daily. I have FFL locations in two different states.

My guides have been reviewed professionally by current FFL holders, copy editors, lawyers, CPA’s, and even former ATF employees have been hired as consultants to help bring additional insights and value to the contents of these guides.

Most importantly, I take feedback from customers daily on what they experience during the process locally and update my guides accordingly. You will not find a better resource of getting an FFL approved and setting it up correctly.

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FFL123.com’s product offerings have been reviewed & endorsed by a major firearms magazine editor and publisher, Gun Digest The Magazine, this fact alone places FFL123.com as the Gold Standard in obtaining an FFL.

Here at FFL123.com we are focused on getting you approved; other kits are focused only on completing the paperwork. Based on my extensive research, being a home based FFL License holder for many years (I have 5 FFL’s), and helping thousands of customers get their FFL License approved at home,

I have a simple 5 STEP Process to get you approved. Other kits focus only on the “application”, which is only one step of 5 Critical Steps. You need a kit that covers all 5 Steps if you want to be successful.

arrow"Why did you get Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited?"

It is very important to know who you are buying from online these days. I researched the competition thoroughly and discovered several kits have poor ratings with the BBB. I shop cautiously online and I know others do as well. My goal is to give customers a 100% confidence in me, my business practices, and the high quality products I provide.

FFL123.com has always maintained an A+ rating with the BBB. We are part of the BBB Honor Roll as well for providing outstanding customer service!

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