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Making CA$H at Gunshows with Brandon L. Maddox

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Part-time income and regional success atgun shows are within reach with the help of dealer and sales marketing expert

Brandon L. Maddox – Instructor

A FFL Dealer licensed in four states and works gunshows five months a year. One of the largest Class 3 FFL dealers in the country, as owner of Dakota Silencer.

As owner of FFL123.com, Brandon has helped countless thousands of FFL holders get established since 2005 and has been actively involved in all aspects of sales and marketing in the firearms industry.

Brandon received his Master’s in Business Administration from the prestigious Duke University and attended there on a full scholarship and was President of his class. Brandon has a firm understanding of the firearms industry and is dedicated to your success.

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What you will learn

  • Brandon’s step-by-step approach for making gunshows a successful and part-time income generator.
  • A complete analysis of what you need to do in preparing for the gunshow; which shows to work, building solid foundation, building credibility, items to create and purchase, suggestions on ways to improve communication skills, and research on what to promote.
  • A full walk through on what to do at the gunshow to be successful, how to setup, how to display, how to network, at show promotional ideas and how to extend the show to get sales afterwards.
  • After the gunshow, steps to further extend show, follow up items, market research new items to carry.
  • Insights from sales and marketing guru Brandon Maddox, with an FFL in SD, ND, NE, & WY and works gunshows 5 months out of the year.

What You’ll Be Prepared For

  • Strong presence at local or regional gunshows
  • Hobby or part-time income generation opportunity
  • Building strong foundation to supplement future online efforts or future retail efforts if so desired

What You’ll Love

  • Brandon’s clear and comprehensive instructions
  • Learning from Brandon’s successes and disappointments
  • Accessing this video class at any time from any internet-connected device, allowing you learn these amazing skills on your schedule
  • Over 2 hours of personal instruction
  • Includes PowerPoint slides of all videos (in pdf)

Lesson Plan

  1. Introductions & Objectives
  2. Keys to Success
  3. Items needed to take & create
  4. Preparing for the Gunshow
  5. At the Gunshow
  6. Promotional Ideas / After Gunshow

Brandon Maddox, CEO FFL123

Your Instructor

I operate my FFL business online, at gun shows and operations in several states.I have learned all the tricks of the trade.

Q: arrowWhat is an FFL when buying a gun?

FFL or Federal Firearms License is something that gun dealers have to have before they can sell or transfer a gun to you. Every gun dealer has one or more depending on the types of guns they sell. If you are buying a gun, you’ll be visiting an FFL holder and filling out some paperwork for a background check. Some states may also require additional paperwork for certain types of guns.

FFL123 firearm


Many FFL holders are willing to handle the transfer of guns purchased online for a reasonable fee that covers their time and effort to deal with all the paperwork and other labor. For some, it is an important part of their business. Nobody can be in the business of selling guns unless they have an FFL, and all FFL holders have to perform mandated background checks before they can sell you a gun.

Brandon Maddox,

Q: arrowWhat states are suppressors legal?

Right now, 42 states allow ownership of silencers and of those 40 allow silencers to be used for hunting. Even though silencers are federally registered, require fingerprinting, and a $200 tax, a few states still outright ban their ownership. Not surprisingly, they are major anti-gun states like California, New York, Illinois, and New Jersey. Nearly every other state allows their ownership and use in hunting. Silencers Are Legal

Because silencers can be transported from one legal state to another without extra paperwork to the ATF, they are increasingly popular with hunters who may travel to another state for hunting. Silencers are also popular on home defense guns to protect the hearing of homeowners who might have to use the gun in self defense. This use is not restricted in any silencer legal state.

Brandon Maddox,

Q: arrowHow much does an FFL transfer cost?

The cost of an FFL transfer depends on the dealer and how much work they are putting into it. Some dealers charge $50 or even more to transfer a single gun, while some charge much less. In many areas the average seems to be around $20-30, but it can vary.

FFL123 cost

The cost of an FFL transfer is usually based on if the dealer even wants to handle that kind of transaction, how much competition there is for the service, and how much work they have to put into the transfer. Remember, FFL holders have to do all sorts of paperwork on every gun they do a transfer on and this is reflected in the cost of the transfer. Transfers are also a great way for small home based FFL’s to make extra income without having to invest in inventory.

Brandon Maddox,

Q: arrowCan you carry a gun not registered to you?

Not all states require gun registration. Fewer require that you register a specific carry gun. If you live in a state that doesn’t require registration, then this question simply doesn’t apply to you. States that do require registration will have their own unique rules that you need to confirm with a legal professional or other expert.

FFL123 gun registry

However, even if you can, it probably isn’t a good idea to carry a gun that isn’t yours in most cases. In an emergency or when hunting or sport shooting, you are likely to have the chance or need to use or carry a gun that belongs to a friend or family member, but for day-to-day use, it’s best to carry your own gun. Not only do you avoid the risk of damaging or losing somebody else’s gun, you might protect them from a vicious prosecutor or lawyer if you have to use the gun to protect yourself.

Brandon Maddox,

Q: arrowHow many guns can I own?

There is absolutely no restriction on how many guns a person can own. Well, other than the limits of your wallet and gun safe! You can own one gun or you can have many guns. Most Americans own more than one gun for various reasons. Some people have different guns for hunting, target shooting, self defense and collecting. In fact collectors might have hundreds or even more guns. Target shooters might have multiple guns for different kinds of shooting. Hunters even have multiple guns for different kinds of hunting.

FFL123 firearms

If you inherit guns you might start building up a collection of heirloom guns too. If you carry a gun for self defense you might have two or three in different sizes or just because you like the caliber or design. The point is that there is no limit on how many guns you can own, and we like that!

Brandon Maddox,

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