Are You Ready To Start Your Gun Business?

Getting your FFL doesn’t have to be stressful. With FFL123, we’ll walk you through all the necessary steps so you can get started making money and building a business with guns right now. In this article, learn all about how to start your gun business. 

How to start your gun business?

Owning your own gun shop seems like the epitome of the American Dream, right? It goes along nicely with apple pie, baseball, the Statue of Liberty, and Independence Day fireworks. However, the process of getting an FFL can be quite daunting. But don’t worry! FFL123 is here to demystify and take all the confusion out of the process!

Did you know it is possible in most places throughout the United States to operate a gun store out of your home? Well, it is! You don’t have to have a separate brick-and-mortar location to run your own gun shop – all you need is a dedicated space in your home!

As of June 2021, the ATF has reported that there are 133,716 FFLs in all 50 states, districts, and territories across all nine different types that are available – and you can bet your bottom dollar that a large number of those are operating out of residential spaces.

There are more benefits to having your own FFL than just selling guns – it is also a great way to build up your own personal collection and make some money full or part-time along the way!

Let’s take a few steps back here for a moment. You might think you need a huge amount of capital, expensive store fixtures, employees, and a lawyer on speed dial to run a gun business. The ATF can be confusing and, quite frankly, can be rather intimidating to deal with, but FFL123 uses our years of experience to cut through all that hassle and make it easier for you.

Why Get an FFL?


Today’s modern FFL holder does not need to operate a full-time storefront with a huge inventory. They may just be an average Joe or Jane like yourself who loves guns and shooting and wants to take their hobby to the next level. We’re here for you to make that happen in a fast and friendly way.

Having an FFL opens up a number of new worlds for you. Not only can you personally buy guns at wholesale cost (in fact, many small FFL holders find that to be an attractive benefit), but you quickly become the go-to guy for friends, family, and social circles for buying guns and performing transfers. You probably didn’t realize it, but you’ve already got a built-in instant customer base!

Regardless of the current economic state, a few things remain consistent – people buy guns no matter what, but you can’t count on opportunity always being present. The nimble FFL holder can weather economic storms, especially when they are operating out of their home with little overhead costs.

The lower operational costs associated with a home FFL can be easily covered with some gun sales, even if you are just processing internet orders. Remember, guns can have markups of up to 30% – or sometimes even more. This means even a few sales add up fast.

In some states FFL holders can access guns that are not normally available to the public. States with restrictive weapons bans still exempt law enforcement officers, and those people need a place to buy their guns, which means many times FFL holders can buy models and types of guns, and even magazines that are not otherwise available.

Advantages of a Home FFL

The lower operational costs associated with a home FFL can be easily covered with some gun sales, even if you are just processing internet orders and performing transfer services. Remember, guns can have markups of up to 30% – or sometimes even more. This means that even a few sales add up fast and can pay for the cost of your FFL, local business licenses, and more in short order. From then on, it’s all profit!

In some states, FFL holders can access guns that are not normally available to the public. States with restrictive weapons bans often exempt law enforcement officers from the restrictions, and those people and their departments need a place to buy their guns. This means that there’s still money to be made on so-called banned weapons, even if it isn’t through regular public sales.

Remember a moment ago when we were talking about the American Dream? Our society makes it possible to start with almost nothing and become fully self-sufficient, and it’s possible for you to do the same with an FFL. Of course, there are no guarantees, but we’ll show you how to do simple, turn-key FFL licensing, and that becomes your foundation to build your business on!

Your FFL will unlock new doors of personal and economic opportunity. A lot of FFL holders are content with only selling a few guns per year to friends and family, and buying guns for themselves at wholesale prices. (Remember: you have to sell guns to keep your FFL. It cannot be used solely for personal gun purchases.)

While some people are content to quietly build a successful hobby business and handle online orders and transfers for their community and social circles, other people want to go all the way and start a full-service gun shop. The choice is yours because freedom of choice is awesome. And who knows – you may start out small in your home and decide to grow the business later. The choice is yours!

Once you have your FFL, you get to access other sources of guns. There is a thriving market for second-hand and used guns, and FFL holders can do a hefty business selling those because not everyone wants to pay retail prices for guns. Plus, you could even come across some deeply discounted gems for your own collection.

So let’s see. Profit-making business? Check. Discounted guns for yourself? Check. Chance to access restricted or banned guns in some states? Check. Difficult and confusing paperwork? Not with FFL123!

How It Works

Guns and capitalism, baby! Those two things made America and still drive it forward today. You might be ready to embrace both, but are hesitant because of government bureaucracy. We get it; the ATF can seem confusing and intimidating.

Here is where a lot of predators crawl out of the woodwork. They take advantage of the fact that people get overwhelmed and anxious over filing federal paperwork. They craft elaborate scenarios and horror stories and whip people up in a frenzy. The end result is you end up with a bad case of heartburn and still no FFL.

Or worse: you shell out excessive amounts of your hard-earned cash and find out the “FFL kit” you bought is just a rehash of the materials on the ATF website, and it offers no real help at all.

FFL123 hates stress, heartburn, and ripping people off. That’s why we got into the business of helping you get into business in the first place. Our success depends on YOUR success. Without you, we are nothing. So we created an affordable, stress-free approach to getting your FFL. We want you to have an FFL. In fact, we want you to have an FFL so badly, we have a 150 percent money-back guarantee.

Our FFL licensing kit will work for you, or we give you 150 percent back. That’s how sure of ourselves we are. Who else makes that kind of promise? If you follow our kit, you will get an FFL, or we’ll take a financial loss.

What are you waiting for? You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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