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Detailed Overview - Federal Firearms License Guide

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Our FFL guides are very thorough and loaded with useful and insightful information. Many customers ask what is “inside” our guides, thus we have done a chapter by chapter overview. The amount of information may appear overwhelming. But please realize you will not need all this information, but we cover everything to ensure you are approved no matter where you live or what your unique situation might be. Also remember, our member’s forums also cover hundreds of topics and other local insights.

Chapter 1 – Introduction –Brandon provides additional information on his background and experience to build confidence in the new customer’s mind on who is leading them through the process. Brandon went on full scholarship to Duke University, where he obtained his master’s in business administration and served as President of his class. Brandon has been through the ATF FFL approval process over ten times and operates a multi-state FFL dealer operation. Having helped over 75,000 people… there is not much he has not seen and overcome.

Chapter 2 – Overview – Steps to obtain an FFL License – Brandon covers a summary of the process, timelines, expectations, etc. Sets the stage for FFL success.

Chapter 3 – Paperwork – Brandon reviews all the FFL paperwork ATF requires, including pre-work that ATF does not mention until you have been denied. Brandon covers basics on digital versus paper copy, where to get the paperwork done, etc. This is an overview chapter to set the stage on the paperwork requirements and best practices before starting. Updated for 2014 requirements.

Chapter 4 – Types of FFL Licenses – You should not apply for an FFL license until you know which of the nine is best for you. You won’t truly understand the features and benefits of each FFL type until you get an overview from someone who knows the benefits of each. We cover all FFL types, except the antique gun collector’s license, often called a C&R FFL, which we do not recommend. Many customers change their original intent after reading this information packed chapter.

Chapter 5 – Requirements & Recommendations – Overview on requirements versus recommendations. Includes 8 subchapters: Personal versus Profit, State requirements by state, Scope out your area, Navigate Red Tape,Overcome Issue #1, Each state insights, Overcome Issue #2 – covers number one reason people are denied. How to setup.

Chapter 6 – Completing ATF Required Paperwork – overview and insights on how to complete paperwork. Annotated examples.

Chapter 7 – ATF visit preparation – ATF will meet with you prior to issuing the FFL License. Overview on meeting, helps calm the nerves to have an outline of points discussed.

Chapter 8 – MEGA Reference Guide – The entire ATF “official leader’s guide manual” used by the ATF during the meeting with person who applied. Covers 100% of what the ATF will discuss during the meeting. Makes the ATF meeting easy, simple, and stress free. Cuts the meeting time with ATF in half… makes sure you have excellent questions for ATF during visit.

Chapter 9 – FFL once approved – Includes 9 sub-chapters: Firearms Transfers / Internet FFL Transfers, Who do I buy from over 30,000 wholesalers/manufactures/distributors, Accepting credit cards, How to stay organized & keep accurate records, How to make money at gunshows, Personal guns versus FFL inventory, FFL Insurance (Not required), Gun Safes (Not required)

Chapter 10 – Additional Resources for FFL holder – 14 subchapters: NRA Legal and Financial Help, FFL Best Practices Guide, A&D Records for different FFL types, A&D Firearms Records Software, Why important to Sweat Details, Importance of Inventory Control, ArticleStats About ATF Inspections, Sign Required by ATF, Youth Handgun Safety Act Notice, Machine Guns Article and Details, Bound Book Page Example, ATF Inventory Theft/Loss Report Form, ATF Report of Multiple Sale or Other Disposition of Pistols and Revolvers Form, How to complete FFL License renewal form every three years

Chapter 11 – Example FFL License & Example Class 3 License – see an actual license and what all the dates and numbers mean.

Chapter 12 – NICS Enrollment – allows you to setup to do background checks.

Chapter 13 – Manufacturing References – covers specific requirements and details on being a Type 07 manufacturer

Chapter 14 – Additional References – 10 subchapters: List of all FFL dealers in USA, Class 3 dealer list, State Laws Summary, School Zone information, Know your FFL Dealer rights, Help customer appeal transfer, record personal firearms separate, Safety & Security info for FFL, Mailing firearms, Bulk Ammo pricing examples


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Brandon Maddox, CEO FFL123

I operate my FFL business online,at gun shows and operations in several states. I have learned all the tricks of the trade.

You probably have questions. We definitely have answers.

  • Q: What is the advantage of having a Class 3 FFL license A: You can buy, make, sell, and transfer all NFA items like; machine guns, silencers, explosives, and other destructive devices. Most popular reason is to buy or make machine gun dealer samples, much cheaper than buying a $10,000 machine gun, make one! You can buy NFA items without having to pay the $200 tax stamp for each item. You can save thousands of dollars that other people have to pay. As a firearms dealer, you will make a lot more selling silencers than just firearms alone.
  • Q: Why Brandon decided to focus on selling silencers as a Class 3 dealer? A: Most popular and fastest growing sector in the entire firearms industry. Less dealers, so less competition.

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