FFL to FFL Purchases

FFL to FFL Purchases

Once you’ve received your FFL license, your avenues for obtaining firearms are not necessarily limited to wholesalers or individuals who want to sell or trade. You can still purchase firearms from other FFL license holders. For that type of transaction, you’ll want to provide the transferor (FFL holder you’re purchasing from) a signed copy of your own FFL license. Even if you want the firearm for your own personal collection, it needs to go into your A&D book as an acquisition as ATF law requires you to record any firearm which comes into your possession during the time which you hold an active FFL license.

If another FFL license holder would like to purchase a firearm from you, it’s encouraged that you obtain a signed copy of their FFL license. A Form 4473 is only to be completed when the transferee (person receiving the firearm) does not hold a FFL license.

We keep a three ring binder of all paperwork for transfer in and transfer outs.  You should keep a copy of the FFL License in a binder for transfer outs.

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