FFL Benefits [Updated 2022]

Benefits of a FFL license

What are the benefits of a FFL License?

So you’re thinking about getting your federal firearms license. You might be asking yourself what some of the benefits to getting your FFL might actually be.

Here’s some you may or may not have already thought of:

Save money

Save money on guns and accessories. Firearms have a markup of roughly 30 percent. So when you order from a wholesaler with your fancy new FFL, you’ll be saving 30 percent! Just for a frame of reference, a brand new Glock 17 retails for about $500. When you purchase through a wholesaler, you’ll only be paying $350!

Help your friends and family save money, too. You can pass your savings onto your friends and family. Or at least give them a discount. They are family after all….

Make money

Sell the guns and accessories you’ve purchased for full retail to make some money. It will help to cover the cost of the license and pad your wallet too! The license costs $150 which covers you for three years. So sell just one of the aforementioned Glocks in a three year time period, and the cost of your license is covered! You can also offer your services as an FFL and help people do transfers. (See our blog titled “What is a transfer?” for more information on transfers.)

Get the good stuff

There has been a lot of law-changing going on lately in several states. Most of those laws exempt dealers from their confines. You won’t be able to resale any of the restricted items to in state residents, but you can still sell those products online and own them yourself!  Be sure to check with local officials to confirm.


Want to find that perfect gun you’ve always wanted? Get your FFL, set up wholesaler accounts, and then browse their websites to find exactly what you’ve always been looking for!

With all of these benefits, you cannot go wrong. What are you waiting for? Get your FFL now and start saving today! Join FFL123.com Today!

As a reminder, ATF won’t approval an FFL for 100% personal usage only, so you will need to be willing to help others with transfers, etc.  Believe me, once you have an FFL you will be popular indeed!

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  1. Guest

    Hi. This sounds interesting. If I currently work from a collaboration office, but would like to open an online business selling full sized pistols (and gear) for private security pros. Is getting a federal firearms license a requirement? Does getting state in county FL licences/permits factor in?

  2. Guest

    If I have an FFL, and I buy a suppressor for myself. Do I still have to pay for the stamp, or do I get any type of cost savings in this situation?

  3. Guest

    ATF site mentioned something about an inspection, then said something about the meeting with the agent. Does that inspection include a search/inspection of your home/property, or is it just a meeting with the agent?

  4. Guest

    Regarding your previous response, would you expound on “FFL dealers are exempt from state laws”. I am a PA resident and live 1 mile from the NY border. Will an FFL license issued to a PA resident be recognized by a neighboring state such as NY? Secondly, if an FFL licensed individual who possesses a CC permit in his/her home state traveled into an adjoining state, are personal handguns covered by the FFL, or just handguns being transported for the purpose of business, e.g.: to and from a gun show or another FFL shop in a state other than the FFL’s home state? Thank you, Roger C. Morrison

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