Get Your FFL License in a Virtual Office

FFL License in Virtual Office

If you want to get your FFL license, you’ll need to have an address where the license is officially located. Many of our members use their home address as the licensed location as we are the leader in helping people get their home-based FFL as a low cost starting point. Home based FFL is very popular currently, internet changes everything.  However, for some people, it just doesn’t work out well to use their home address. If this sounds like your situation, don’t worry! You still have options to get your FFL license without running out to get a lease on a brick-and-mortar “high dollar” retail store front.

The use of a virtual office for an FFL is a relatively new concept which appears to be growing in popularity. A virtual office is a more affordable way to get professional office space without locking yourself into an expensive long term lease. Generally, the lease is set up that you get a set amount of hours per month at the leased location. Some companies who offer virtual offices also provide services which allow you to utilize a “virtual assistant”- a person who typically works from home and fulfills administrative duties; answering services, and secretaries who can sign for packages and deliveries.

One of our members took the time to tell us about the way he utilizes his virtual office space, and also how he developed his “office on wheels” because of it. This particular customer, who we’ll call Joe to help protect his privacy, decided a virtual office was right for him because leasing a full space just didn’t seem reasonable for his plans. Joe is able to spend 2 hours a week at his office space to accomplish whatever work tasks he has. Because a virtual office is a shared space, Joe found himself toting all of his material around from home to office every week. In an effort to stay organized, he began putting all of his paperwork in an accordion folder, then brought his electronics and other necessities. Joe was seeing that the amount of things he needed to take with him was growing, so he decided that instead of carrying three or four bags and a briefcase with him to the office every week, he ought to consolidate. He found a luggage style bag with wheels- hence the “office on wheels”- and organized everything he needed into the bag for his new FFL duties. Now, his business can go with him easily, including to gun shows where he’s sure he always has everything he needs for forms and accepting payment for firearms, and everything can stay organized. The case can be padlocked to keep all information secure but also remains mobile for easy transport.

If you find yourself with a desire to get your own FFL, but your home just doesn’t seem feasible, consider a virtual office space.  We can provide all the details and steps on how to get this approved.  We have also helped customers, includes ourselves, get an FFL from a storage unit space when budget was a real issue.  The virtual office is a great idea because the cost is low and you can met customers at a non-residential location.  There are many benefits to this type of virtual FFL setup.

We’d also love to hear any other ideas you have for alternative locations to place your FFL license. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments! Be sure to see our FFL FAQ’s.  And for help in obtaining your FFL license, join today!  See FaceBook FanPage!

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