Home Based FFL License – All the Benefits

Benefits of a Home-Based FFL
For most serious shooters and gun owners the idea of having one’s own FFL is a bit of a dream. A wish we all have as we browse Slick Guns and lust after deals, or when we comb through internet classifieds finding rare and exotic firearms that just so happen to be hundreds or even thousands of miles away. An FFL would just make life simpler.
The thing is, it doesn’t have to be a dream.
While most of us assume acquiring a Federal Firearms License is difficult, and nigh impossible for your average fella who doesn’t have a storefront and a business loan to pay a team of lawyers to crack the code. With a little guidance it’s not that hard to start a home-based FFL. You certainly don’t need a team of lawyers, maybe the guidance of an experienced FFL holder or maybe…

Basic Eligibility Requirements for an FFL
To obtain an FFL you must meet a certain set of standards, which isn’t exactly difficult for a law-abiding citizen. Here are the standards according to the ATF.
At least 21 years of Age
Is not prohibited from owning or possessing firearms (Don’t be a felon or have domestic violence offense, etc.)
Has not willingly violated the Gun Control Act of 1968
Has not willingly failed to disclose information or falsified information on their FFL application
Has a Premise to conduct business (Your home is eligible as a premises)
How a Home-Based FFL Benefits You
What exactly can an FFL do for you? Glad you asked. There are a wide variety of benefits for the everyday Joe.
Of course, the biggest benefit most serious collectors want is the ability to have firearms shipped to your home. An FFL allows you to receive and ship firearms at your home or wherever you ultimately make your place of business. This is beneficial to not only serious collectors, but to gun buyer just looking to save money.
Having an FFL allows you to take advantage of internet flash sales, and those crazy deals that appear on Gunbroker on occasion. You won’t lose whatever money you saved in transfer fees because you can order directly to your home. This also makes it a lot easier to deal with out of state transfers through private parties on websites like Armslist.

FFLs are almost a necessity for those involved in other, often forgotten, parts of the firearms industry. As a writer, I constantly receive firearms for testing and evaluation. Those looking to build firearm’s accessories will need to purchase and receive firearms for R&D. Do you want to build custom AR 15s? You’ll need an FFL for that. Do you want to get into cerakote, duracoat, gunsmithing and more? You’ll need an FFL if you are serious about it.
Having an FFL is also an amazing means to make a little side income. As an FFL holder, you must be engaged in business, and handling something as simple as transfers for friends and close associates. You can also work the gun show circuit, selling a gun or two to cover your costs. Let’s not forget you’ll have access to wholesale prices and even direct access through manufacturers if you meet their standards.
With an FFL, you have a business license, and being involved in the firearms industry has its perks, even if you are a small home-based business. One of these benefits is obtaining a membership with the NSSF. Being a retail partner costs 75 dollars a year as long as your income in under a million dollars.
This gives numerous small benefits focused around helping build your business. One of the biggest is going to be your ability to go to Shot Show. Shot Show is the biggest firearms trade show in the world. At Shot Show you can make orders with a wide variety of companies, rub elbows with pro shooters, writers, and your favorite industry personalities. Shot Show is an amazing opportunity, and the ultimate home for any gun nerd.

SHOT SHOW – Courtesy of NSSF
You also don’t have to stop with a simple FFL. There are numerous different Federal Firearms Licenses. You can obtain a manufacturer’s FFL to produce your own guns. You can also get a Special Occupational Tax to own, receive, sell and transfer of title 2 firearms like short barreled rifles, machine guns, suppressors, AOWs, and more.
Getting Started
It all starts with a little know how and a bit of ambition. Getting your FFL certainly seems intimidating, and the process is weighed down a bit by bureaucrats. Getting into the world of Federal Firearms Licenses is going to open doors for you. It’s going to change your relationship with the firearms industry, mostly, because now you’ll be part of it.

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