FFL Inventory Coming Back in

FFL Inventory

At the start of the year, it became almost impossible to get anything firearms related as everything was flying off the shelf as soon as it was put there! Some things are still difficult to find, especially ammo. We decided we’d talk to one of our wholesalers, Owen at Davidson’s to see what they were experiencing in the way of inventory now that the year is coming to a close. The following is an interview between FFL123 and Owen.

FFL123: How are manufacturers doing these days? Is product coming back into stock?

OL: Product availability is pretty strong. We are seeing a lot of good things coming in.

FFL123: How are dealer sales going?

OL: Some dealers are very busy while others are seeing quite a slow down. I believe it has a lot to do with their own marketing efforts. When a big box store opens up close to my dealers it can effect business for sure.

FFL123: What are the products people are currently most interested in?

OL: Hand gun sales and home defense products are very strong right now. Lower priced AR’s as well as items for the hunting season are moving real nice.

FFL123: Finally, what kind of future trends do you see happening?

OL: This is a tricky one….I really don’t know. I would think a good variety of hand guns, long guns and home defense items will continue to keep selling well. Plinking Ammo seems to be the scarce item right now. We could sell all the 22 LR, 223, 9MM, 38SP etc we get our hands on. I field calls every day for inexpensive Ammo. I feel optimistic about 2014. It might level out a bit but I think it will still be a very good year.

As you can see, the firearms industry is well on its way to bouncing back. Inventory is arriving to fill shelves which is great news for wholesalers, dealers, and customers. We’d love to hear how inventory is doing in your area. Let us know what items are popular, what’s finally coming back into stock, and what is still nearly impossible to get your hands on. And when you’re ready to get your own FFL license, join FFL123.com today!

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