Firearms transfer?

Firearms transfer?

This is a question we get asked frequently and a term we can sometimes take for granted. A transfer, in a nutshell, is a physical hand-over of a firearm. For a FFL dealer, it means that your customer fills out the ATF Form 4473, you run the NICS background check, and upon a “proceed” decision, can then give the firearm to the customer. This is going to be what the ATF is referring to when asking you how many transfers you’ve done.

The act of doing a transfer is something that many FFL dealers build their business model off of because it can be so useful in today’s market. For example, many people purchase firearms from GunBroker, an online gun auction website. When one of those purchases takes place, the seller cannot just ship the firearm directly to the buyer. It will need to be shipped to a FFL dealer in the state where the buyer resides. If you advertise your services as an FFL dealer willing to do transfers, GunBroker members in your area can contact you for aid in the transfer process. You can charge a small fee for this service, usually $15-$30. You provide a service while helping people in your area!

Another important note to mention in regards to transfers is that they can only take place in one of two locations. The first is your licensed business premises, i.e. the physical address listed on your FFL. The other location is a gun show, which the ATF views as an extension of your license.

Transfers performed by a FFL dealer are an important part of the firearms business. They are what help to keep guns out of criminals’ hands and the streets of America safe. Join Today!

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