Gun Friendly Merchant Credit Card Processing

Gun Friendly Merchant Credit Card Processing

When most of our FFL123 members begin with the idea of getting a FFL license, when their plans’ are business oriented, they start small and plan to expand as the venture grows. Many don’t plan on doing a lot in the way of sales initially and certainly nothing along the lines of opening up a store front in the beginning! But it’s funny how life goes, and plans always change. Now, cash is king, and accepted everywhere. However, paying with plastic is becoming more common. This is no different when it comes to firearms sales. Great thing about firearms is the customer base is used to pay an additional 2 to 3% increase on top of price for credit card fees. We saw a 30% increase in ffl dealer sales when we started taking credit cards, especially at gunshows. Be sure to post a small sign at the show on your table showing you take plastic.

Unfortunately, most credit card processing companies will not accept merchants doing firearms sales. In fact, the vast majority of them aren’t. You will need a gun friendly merchant services provider. This is where swoops in to save the day! Your membership with will get you in on the fast track to getting set up with the only credit card processing company that welcomes firearms sales with arms wide open. Not only will we help you get your account set up, but your membership acts as your VIP card to get you great rates as well!

We have recently decided to make this service available to others that are not FFL123 members and already have an FFL License and want to take credit cards. Learn more here. This is just one example of the many services we offer our members and excited to open this up to others who already have their FFL License.

Like I said, right now doing anything which requires you to accept credit cards might be a far off thought. But if your plans change, and your plans grow, will help you through that, too! It’s just one more reason to partner with today!

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