FFL License – Types of Firearms Sales

FFL License – Types of Firearms Sales

You’ve heard us mention before that one big perk of having a FFL license is being able to make money on the side. Although the go-to image may be of a big gun store, that is certainly not the case. You’re likely getting this license out of your home after all, and we don’t expect you to run out and open up a gun store on Main Street day one. Therefore, we’re going to give you some great options on how to utilize your ffl license for a side income.

First of all, you could go the retail sales route. Gun shows are the easiest way to accomplish those kinds of sales. You can contact whoever is in charge of your local gun show, rent a table or two, and set up a display. If you don’t have much to display, consider taking orders for firearms. Another option for retail sales is taking orders over the phone or via e-mail. Many FFL123.com members are already working either full or part time in conjunction with forming a sort of small side business with their FFL license. Taking orders by a message system is a great way to keep in contact with customers without disrupting any other work flow.

In conjunction with retail sales, internet sales are a possibility as well. The marketplace of internet sales is a really big thing right now and growing rapidly. It’s an easy way to get the word out there that you have something for sale. If you have accessories to sell along with your firearms, you can simply get an order and ship it directly to your new customer. For firearms, you’ll need to work a little bit with your customer to find another FFL licensee in the customer’s area to whom you can ship the firearm. That FFL dealer will then complete the transfer of the firearm to the customer. There are many companies who make easy-to-use website formats, so creating your own website certainly doesn’t have to be difficult, even if you don’t have much experience with computers.

Finally, you can be on the receiving end of internet sales. Because internet sales are so popular, a FFL licensee must be available to finish the firearms transaction after the internet sale is made. You can offer your services as a FFL licensee and perform the background check for those in your area who have made a purchase of a firearm online. In the firearms industry, it’s typical for a FFL to charge around $30.00 for the service. Doing transfers is probably the easiest way to make a side incoming using your FFL license.

You are certainly not locked into getting a retail store location to be able to make a side income with your FFL license. For more information on sales or on how to get your own FFL license, Join FFL123.com today!

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