Videos for Guides

New product coming soon, videos for all 59 chapters!

Videos for Guides

New Product Offering from  See Video Intro

We are excited to offer videos to complement each of the forty-four chapters in the FFL License Guide and each of the fifteen chapters in the Class 3 License guide offered here at  Brandon created each video to make the chapters easier to understand and provide additional details and personal experiences.  Many customers have requested even more tailored instructional videos, thus this is in response to customer requests.

Do not let the number of chapters overwhelm you, the amount information you need will vary based on your location and your short and long-term plans with the FFL.  The videos were recorded in HD and are professionally hosted.

Brandon spent part of his career as a Sr. Manager in the Training department for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and realizes how important instructional videos are to helping learn and better understand new information.

We are excited about this new product offering coming soon and look forward to helping you get your FFL License quickly and efficiently!  Thanks, Brandon  Learn More  See Facebook Fans Page!

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