FFL eZ Check System

FFL eZ Check System

Although not all of the ATF’s resources are the easiest to use, some of them are very helpful. In order to make sure a FFL license is valid, the ATF has created the FFL eZ Check System. The website is easy to use. You simply need to enter in the first three digits of the FFL number in question and the last five digits. Once the numbers have been filled in, click the submit button. The website will direct to a page which has information about the licensee with those corresponding numbers in their FFL license. The information given should match with the person or company whose FFL you’re checking. It will also list the date of expiration, so be sure to check that as well.

The system will not work to check Type 03 Collector of Curio and Relic licenses or Type 06 Manufacturer of Ammunition licenses. If you would try to check either of those types of licenses, you would be brought to an error page. However, that does not necessarily mean the license is invalid and that you shouldn’t do business with a type 03 license holder. They eZ Check system should also not be used as a replacement for having a copy of the FFL license. You should always ask for a copy of the FFL license if you are selling, transferring, or mailing a firearm to another FFL licensee.

Some FFL license holders make it a practice to check the validity of every FFL license they are doing business with. It’s certainly not necessary, but the resource is there to be used. One instance in which you should definitely check the validity of the license is if any of the information on there is difficult to read. A license that has been tampered with may have lettering on it that is difficult to read or may be in different types of font. Also, if the spacing or cant of the lines looks off, the license could be fake. Use the FFL eZ Check system to make sure the transaction is with a valid license holder. If it proves to be false, do not go through with the transfer and notify ATF.

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