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Before you apply for an FFL, you really need to know what types of FFL is best for you. Not all FFL’s are the same, they allow you to deal, sell or collect different things. For instance, a person who only wants to collect old guns doesn’t need a license that allows for manufacturing silencers. On the other hand, a gunsmith isn’t going to get a license to import exotic ammunition. So let’s take a look at the different types of FFL’s out there and what these FFL license types do.

Each FFL is known as a “Type.” You hear people say “Type 07 FFL” or “Type 03” FFL. There is some confusion when you add what is known as a SOT (Special Occupation Tax) to certain kinds of FFL’s. These are “class” type SOT’s. When you hear people talk about “Class 03” FFL, it really means they’ve added a Class 03 SOT to their license. But for the moment, we are just focusing on FFL license types and what you can do with them.

Table of contents for types of FFL:

What is an FFL?

Someone who is licensed to engage in the business of dealing, manufacturing or importing firearms. Individuals must be licensed by the ATF to run a business of firearms.

The types of FFLs (Federal Fireams Licensees) can be broken down into four categories:

  • Dealer FFL
  • Manufacturer FFL
  • Importer FFL
  • Other FFL – Collector

How many different types of FFL / FFLs are there?

There are nine different kinds of FFL’s out there, but for the vast majority of people interested in getting an FFL, only three really apply. The Type 01 FFL is the basic FFL that let’s you buy, sell and repair most guns. It is somewhat limited in scope, but is very popular as it addresses the most common forms of commercial transactions in the gun world.

Different FFL License Types

Below table represents different types of federal firearms licenses also known as FFL license types. Find out which FFL you should get.

FFL TypesThe Purpose of an FFL LicenseSOT Class
Type 1 FFLDealer in Firearms / Gunsmithing (firearms repair)3
Type 2 FFLPawnbroker/Firearms’ Dealer3
Type 3 FFLCollector of Curios and RelicsN/A
Type 6 FFLManufacturer of Ammunition for FirearmsN/A
Type 7 FFLManufacturer of Firearms & Ammunition2
Type 8 FFLImporter of Firearms/Ammunition1
Type 9 FFLDealer in Destructive Devices3
Type 10 FFLManufacturer of Destructive Devices, Ammunition for Destructive Devices, or Armor Piercing Ammunition2
Type 11 FFLImporter of Destructive Devices, Ammunition for Destructive Devices, or Armor Piercing Ammunition1
ATF FFL license types

The Type 03 FFL is your special collector’s license, and only suited for acquiring old guns for a private collection. But if you are a collector, it is a powerful license that usually let’s you bypass the paperwork and transfer fees of buying guns out of state or from dealers.

The Type 07 FFL is by far the most useful and versatile FFL for most people. Not only can you buy, sell and repair guns, you can also manufacture guns and ammo, plus sell NFA items like silencers, and with a Class 03 SOT, manufacture NFA items!

Type 01 FFL – Dealer in Firearms / Gunsmithing (firearms repair)

The Type 01 FFL is the most common license type. If you are a gunsmith, this is all the license you need. If you want to buy and sell non-NFA firearms, this license will get you started in the gun business.

However, the Type 01 FFL also comes with some limitations. You cannot manufacture (that even means assembling from kits) guns for sale, and you can’t sell popular items such as silencers. Many people choose other kinds of FFL’s these days. But if you accept the limitations of a Class 01 FFL then it will be fine. This FFL costs $200 to apply and $90 to renew every 3 years.


Type 02 FFL – Pawnbroker

The Type 02 FFL is similar to a Type 01 FFL designed for pawnbrokers. Pawnbrokers are licensed differently because they are are allowed to take guns as security on a loan. However, there is no practical difference between an 01 and an 02 FFL, other than the type of business you are engaged in.

Type 02 FFL holders are inspected by the ATF more often due to the nature of their type of business. Costs are $200 to apply and $90 to renew for every 3 years.


Type 03 FFL – Collector of Curios and Relics

This is a special FFL for collectors of old guns. The ATF generally considers any gun at least 50 years old to be a Curio and Relic. There are some exceptions for certain newer guns as well, such as some semi auto military rifles and pistols that are less than 50 years old.

The Type 03 FFL is not a license to sell guns, or to acquire guns for resale. It is only intended to facilitate building a collection of old guns. This means it is only for private, personal use. However, it allows you to purchase eligible guns without additional background checks and paperwork on each gun. Some states with restrictive gun laws may ignore your 03 FFL and still require background checks on certain kinds of guns.

Get this FFL if you are a collector of old guns. It costs just $30 to apply, and $30 to renew every 3 years.


Type 06 FFL – Manufacturer of Ammunition for Firearms

This is a very specific sort of FFL. It is only for making common small arms ammunition, and nothing else. If you want to just make ammo, this license is fine. Otherwise, you can get a Class 07 and make both guns and ammo with the same FFL.

Get this FFL if you are only making ammo for resale. It is perfect for people who want to engage in commercial reloading, or want to sell specialty hunting and self defense ammo. A Type 06 FFL costs $30 to apply and $30 to renew for 3 years.


Type 07 FFL – Manufacturer of Firearms & Ammunition

The Type 07 FFL is the most powerful and popular FFL to get. With it you can do everything a Type 01 FFL can (buy, sell and repair firearms) plus manufacture guns and ammo. When you add a Class 03 SOT to this license you can also make NFA items like silencers and even machine guns!

With the growing popularity of silencers, short barrel rifles and shotguns and other NFA items, many gun dealers choose a Type 07 license so they can serve all their customer’s needs. With the rising popularity of AR-type sporting rifles and the wide availability of parts, many Type 07 FFL holders are choosing to manufacture custom rifles for resale.

Get this FFL if you want the freedom to make and sell guns and ammo, and to add a Class 03 SOT to tap the lucrative NFA market. The Type 07 FFL costs $150 to apply and $150 to renew every 3 years.


Type 08 FFL – Importer of Firearms/Ammunition

The Type 08 FFL is for people who want to import most guns and ammo. You can’t use it to import destructive devices or armor piercing ammo. If you’ve got business connections overseas and want to try to import guns or ammo, this is the FFL for you.

Importing guns and ammo can take a lot of time to get ATF and other import paperwork in order, so be sure you have a firm understanding of how this market works before you get involved. Naturally, FFL123 can provide the support you need to understand the complex world of the Type 08 FFL.

This FFL costs $150 to apply and $150 every 3 years to renew.


Type 09 FFL – Dealer in Destructive Devices

Destructive devices are a sort of catchall category for non-sporting guns with a bore over half an inch, grenades, artillery, certain types of semi-auto shotguns, or some kinds of exploding ammo. All destructive devices require registration and a $200 tax stamp to own.

Most states allow private ownership of destructive devices and their many collectors of rare and unusual exotic weapons. Military contractors, law enforcement and government agencies also buy destructive devices. This license costs $3,000 to apply and $3,000 to renew every 3 years.


Type 10 FFL – Manufacturer of Destructive Devices, Ammunition for Destructive Devices, or Armor Piercing Ammunition

The Type 10 FFL is for people who want to make Destructive Devices (DD’s), ammo for DD’s, or armour-piercing ammo.

If you are interested making DD’s and their ammo, and armour-piercing ammo for sale to government agencies, restoring certain kinds of vintage military arms for collectors, or any other aspect of making DD’s and their ammo, you’ll need a Type 10 FFL. It costs $3,000 to apply and $3,000 to renew every 3 years.


Type 11 FFL – Importer of Destructive Devices, Ammunition for Destructive Devices, or Armor Piercing Ammunition

The Type 11 FFL is much like a Type 10 FFL, only it is for importing Destructive Devices, ammo for DD’s, or armor piercing ammo.

This is a very limited sort of FFL, and will really only work for people dealing with government agencies, or handling the import of certain kinds of rare and collectible military arms for museums or wealthy private collectors. It costs $3,000 to apply and $3,000 to renew every 3 years.

Types of FFL Licenses

FFL Cost and Firearm Activity by FFL License Types [2022]

FFL Types ApplicationRenewalsYearsGuns DealersGuns ManufacturesGuns Importers
FFL Type 1$200$903XX
FFL Type 2$200$903XX
FFL Type 3$30$303XXX
FFL Type 6$30$303XXX
FFL Type 7$150$1503X
FFL Type 8$150$1503X
FFL Type 9$3,000$3,0003XX
FFL Type 10$3,000$3,0003X
FFL Type 11$3,000$3,0003X


FFL Types and SOT Registration Cost [2022]

FFL TypesThe Purpose of an FFL LicenseSOT ClassUnder $500kOver $500kClassYears
FFL Type 1Gunsmith/Dealer of Firearms3$500$50031
FFL Type 2Dealer/Pawnbroker of Firearms3$500$50031
FFL Type 3Collector of FirearmsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
FFL Type 6Manufacturer of AmmunitionN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
FFL Type 7Manufacturer/Dealer of Firearms2$500$1,00021
FFL Type 8Importer/Dealer of Firearms1$500$1,00011
FFL Type 9Dealer of Destructive Devices3$500$1,00031
FFL Type 10Manufacturer/Dealer of Destructive Devices2$500$1,00021
FFL Type 11Importer/Dealer of Destructive Devices1$500$1,00011

Firearm Activity by Type of FFL License

FFL TypesFirearm DealerManufacturer of FirearmsImporter of Firearms
FFL Type 1XX
FFL Type 2XX
FFL Type 7X
FFL Type 8X
FFL Type 9XX
FFL Type 10X
FFL Type 11X

The Number of FFL Licenses Issued by Type

FFL License TypeTotal Number
FFL Type 152,971
FFL Type 27,087
FFL Type 3N/A
FFL Type 61,841
FFL Type 714,661
FFL Type 81,190
FFL Type 9127
FFL Type 10430
FFL Type 11272

Total Number of FFLs by State

StateFFLs In Total (June 2021)
AK (Alaska)816
AL (Albama)2,169
AR (Arkansas)1,899
AZ (Arizona)3,564
CA (California)8,878
CO (Colorado)3,043
CT (Connecticut)1,788
DE (Delaware)321
FL (Florida)7,285
GA (Georgia)3,596
HI (Hawaii)227
IA (Iowa)2,040
ID (Idaho)1,570
IL (Illinois)4,444
IN (Indiana)2,734
KS (Kansas)1,824
KT (Kentucky)2,254
LA (Louisiana)1,950
MS (Massachusetts)3,973
ML (Maryland)2,871
ME (Maine)909
MI (Michigan)3,897
MN (Minnesota)2,453
MO (Missouri)4,181
MS (Mississippi)1,462
MT (Montana)1,500
NC (North Carolina)4,544
ND (North Dakota)712
NE (Nebraska)1,109
NH (New Hampshire)1,212
NJ (New Jersey)461
NM (New Mexico)1,042
NV (Nevada)1,341
NY (New York)3,897
OH (Ohio)4,564
OK (Oklahoma)2,218
OR (Oregon)2,152
PA (Pennsylvania)6,279
RI (Rhode Island)575
SC (South Carolina)2,157
SD (South Dakota)783
TN (Tennessee)3,152
TX (Texas)11,164
UT (Utah)1,584
VA (Virginia)4,107
VT (Vermont)558
WA (Washington)3,210
WI (Wisconsin)2,827
WV (West Verginia)1,357
WY (Wyoming)902


Of course, you may decide a different FFL is what your business needs. The FFL123 licensing kit gives you access to all the tools you need to determine what FFL is right for you, along with personalized one-on-one support to guide you through the entire licensing process and beyond! We also provide support with getting industry contacts, private forums for discussing specific issues and questions with our expert staff and members, and much, much more…

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  1. Guest

    Is there a class of license that would allow a dealer to purchase post 86 Machine guns? I currently have an 07 and an SOT

  2. Guest

    Fantastic suggestions , I am thankful for the analysis – Does anyone know where I might get ahold of a template ATF 5310.12 document to fill in ?

  3. Guest

    Can I use a type 8 license to purchase fire arms for friends and get all of us a better deal or is it only on the type 1 license, will be doing this from my home , just curious.

  4. Guest

    Hi iam planning in buying a gun trust iam in Florida with the gun trust will be able to own 86 sample machine guns and ar15 selectfire lowers also will be able to have gunsmithing work done on rifles in the trust that have converted to fullauto

  5. Guest

    yes,is there any license I could get to buy guns for myself…if I have a felony record…Even though the felonies DID NOT include any weapons or violence of any type and are over 40 years old…Thanks,George

  6. Guest

    Hi Brandon,
    I am reading a lot about the ATF not issuing home based FFLs, or at least tightening up on the number they issue. Has the success rate dropped in the past year or so in getting a home based ffl?

  7. Guest

    I am a gunsmith and ammunition manufacturing expert. I could get an FFL on my own quickly. However I am going to purchase your kit. I am not up to speed on some of the latest changes. Your system seems to be laid out well and informative. With that said I have one question.
    I would like to get a home based 07 FFL but I am concerned I will not get it approved. Current residence is in an HOA Nazi camp. Even though my business is internet and mail only…. no foit traffic!
    I was thinking that an 01 would get approved since I don’t have foot traffic and then in a. Lipke months move into a warehouse and upgrade to 07. What do you think about this situation?
    On a side notes I will be ordering your kit first thing in the morning.
    I wish there was a way to get 07 out of home with the promise of not manufacturing Ammo until I get bigger commercial facility. But if you think there is a way to do it out of home for first year that would sure be helpful.
    Thank you

    Jason Salvini
    President –
    Aria Ballistic Engineering Inc.
    Washington State

  8. Guest

    I just graduated gunsmith school and will be retiring from building furniture in a few years, I plan on building and fixing weapons as a second income , which FFL do I need?

  9. Guest

    If you want the ability to buy, sell, repair and manufacture weapons/ammo along with the ability to import firearms, do you need to apply for a type 07 and 08 together? Thanks for the help.

  10. Guest

    Thank you, Brandon. Appreciate the help. Your guide is top notch by the way. Truly a one-stop shop for the right information about FFL and SOT regulations.


  11. Guest

    What type of FFL would be needed to buy and sell firearms to Indonesia(non military). Customer has export set up.
    Have you helped this request before…


  12. Guest

    What type would I need to convert semi-auto firearms to full auto/select fire and build full auto/select fire firearms from scratch?

  13. Guest

    Can I operate from Home as gunsmith with a type 7 ffl and and Class 2 SOT until approved with plans to expand to another location?

  14. Guest

    Hey, I’m researching this and for the destructive weapons licenses, do you need to pay a $3000 renewal fee? The resources I found online were not helpful for that. Also, If I get the destructive weapon manufacture/import licenses, can I make/import/sell other weapons?
    Thanks for your time

  15. Guest

    1.The number of F.F.L.s total is, correct is:,(56,577)(01)&(02)& 0.01% is (09) & (01) with tax Stamp is make it N.F.A. License to; count is on 12/16/2016 A.D.

  16. Guest

    1.There certain F.F.L.s Licensees is off limit too! The 0.99% of regular Gun Dealers (01)(02) The Class-3 Full AUTO Gun an (01 With a Tax Stamp is also N.F.A. License too.Dealers Is (09) option Gun Dealers Stop Here! Ne feather then this point too! do you agree?? can’t be Trusted! At All!!! Is 1. The Import & Export Licensees- (08)& (011) is N.F.A. Rules do apply too! The Class-2 Rules for mgs: is ammo is (06) Gun MFG is (07):,& (010)is N.F.A. rules do apply too. agree! Therese are,corp. company I.N.C.companies F.F.L.Licences only too! They are not an Gun Dealers Licences is no more too. The Rules been change to class-2 Rules by the A.T.F. Rules from Class-1 To Class-2 regulations to be the right way to Busineses the legal way too! do you Agree?? Me answer is Yes!!!

  17. Guest

    I am interested in getting a FFL license, I intend to sell and assemble/ manufacture custom 1911’s, so i would need a class 07 Correct?? also would love a class 3, but I live in New York and i have been told that New York will not allow Class 3 licenses, is this true??

  18. Guest

    Hi Brandon,
    I am about to pull the trigger on your combo guide, but have a question you may be able to to answer. I am Active Duty Air Force stationed in South Dakota (I’m sure you know where). I am and have always been a permanent resident of SD due to the whole Active Duty possess duel residency. I want to get an FFL 07 Class 3/SOT at my father’s residence which is also my permanent home of record. He would also be on the application for the license because I will PCS in a couple years. Would I still be able to maintain a license out of the aforementioned location? Example: Say I deploy again or the military moves me to another state. My goal is to always have my license out of my permanent legal address in SD. While I am out of state I don’t plan of doing any business really. Would my father be able to handle the possible inspection by ATF personnel? Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Brandon!


  19. Guest

    Hi again Brandon,

    I am ready to start. I just got off a long midnight shift, but any information you can leave here or email me would be awesome. I did pull the trigger on the combo kit and I am delving into the details, but any info you can provide unique to my sotuation would be amazing. Thanks!

  20. Guest

    1. Only the U.S.A. Treasury Dept of In Charge of (B.A.T.F.E.A. Division Is in charge of the :Applications Fr oms too. They Can issued them out to the applications out to the Customers only too> agree! The Private form is 1-800-123.com too. Can”t do it too. It is illegal too. I do agree! Only Enforcement agency is B.A.T.F.E.A. Division can issued; out the applications for F.F.L.s Licenses only too! P.S. The Apply for State Licence only County Sheriff is Dept of State F.F.L. to sell all Firearms Which the State You Live in to you pay your Texas each of Year when your Texas is due be by April,15, of the new Year too! Do you agree?? Yes? Or Disagree ? Or No? Sir? Or Mam? Asked!!!

  21. Guest

    1. We from decline of F.F.L.s 56,577 Dealers Retailers . To Less of F.F.L.s Dealers Is 34,788 is now is true. By end of this Year it should be a lot less of 28,288 F.F.L.s Holders Retailers Stores Fronts Smaller Businesses too. Still Dropping way down too.

  22. Guest

    1. There Should be Maximum Cap Limit for U.S.A. Government (5000) Dealers peak Limit too . For U.S.A. agree! For State Level Government of 50 States There Maximum Cap is 100 F.F.L.s Retailer Gun Dealers is maxim cap limit for ;Retailer Gun Dealers Stores Fronts too. Agree! It will Be Fewer Guns not as many no the Streets Were Ganges at dead end S treats in Cities, Town Ships, Towns, in counties too. true!!!

    1. Guest

      What the heck are you talking about David? (quick English lesson. too means too much. A good example of “too” in a statement would be “there are too many firearm restrictions”. Two means 2 THE number and for to, well, I’ll let you figure this one out by yourself.)
      If I got it right you think there are too many FFLs in this great country we call the United States of America? personally there is not enough ffls and I personally believe ffls shouldn’t be required to manufacture import or sell firearms of any kind. But, heck you’re probably as lost and confused as I am by your spammed comments.

  23. Guest

    I travel extensively all over the globe and often see guns I’d like to purchase for both person use and some I know I can make profit selling which ffl license would I need to allow me to buy and carry home with me or sale and take with on my trip to its final destination?

  24. Guest

    I have 2 questions
    First do you have to be a licensed gunsmith to do modifications and if so would a type 7 cover that
    Second is it possible to get a type 7 out of ones house?

  25. Guest

    I’m interested in getting an ammunition manufacturing business started. I’m not going to be exporting/importing ammo or weapons. Be selling mainly at gun shows the first couple years. What all permits/licenses do I need to possess at the Federal level?

    1. Author

      Yes, our guides at FFL123.com can assist with this sir. In this scenario we normally recommend a manufacturing license for guns and ammo, allows you to do or have ability to do firearms as well. Ready to start?

  26. Guest

    I was told that an FFL is not required in order to manufacture and sell ammo at gun shows. Is that correct? Plus, I was told there’s another Federal entity that one is required to register with (think it’s letters are DDAC, DDAT or something like that) regardless if you’re exporting/importing or just selling ammo at gun shows and the fee is around $2100 a year. Is this true?

    Yes I’m ready to get started?

  27. Guest

    As a life long student of 3d design and engineering, I would like very much to explore the profession of military weapons design, development, and manufacture. My aim would be government contracts to supply our troops, and I’m told I can do very well in this market. From my current understanding, I will need to atleast start with an FFL-07 and SOT 2, which will allow me to legally prototype, test, and own my new designs for automatic weapons/machine guns, with perhaps other more suitable options available farther along?
    Thank You.

  28. Guest

    Sorry if this question sounds too obvious, maybe I misread something. I want to be able to ship weapons to my home instead of through an FFL. Everything I’ve read says it cant be 100% for personal use, so is there a quota of number of sales/transfers I need to maintain to keep my license? or could i just make one sale every 3 years or so i have to wait for renewal? I would most likely have to sell on gunbroker, which im fine with but which license would this situation cover?

    1. Author

      There are no annual requirements. ATF asks for an estimate on number of transfers you have done over 3 years every time you renew. ATF won’t approve for 100% personal use, help friends with transfers and you are fine sir.

  29. Guest

    I wish to break into the gun industry. I would like the abilities of a 07, but would like to make some full auto. Does this acquire additional ffls? Also under the company we offer services. Now the kicker. If I manufactured a suppressed full auto sbr, and it doesn’t sell, is the company allowed to keep for “testing” purposes? Testing means personal use under company name

  30. Guest

    I am wanting to take my personal collection to a new level. I have only the form 4 stuff(sbr) and suppressors. I am wanting to collect any and all pre and post ban samples full auto and semi.
    ( dealer samples as well) What would be the ideal FFL License Type?

  31. Guest

    Brandon, also I should have added I would like to be able to buy suppressors and eliminate the trust route. Pulling the trigger as soon as I get a reply.

  32. Guest

    1. There Should be maxim Cap Limit on N.F.A. Gun Dealers is (09) F.F.L.s too. Do you Agree? In the Western States & Midwestern States in all No more then( two) Class-3 Is (09) Retailers too! In the Eastern States There Should Be Only States With high population States only is no more then (two ) N.F.A Gun Dealers Retailers is Class-3 is (09) F.F.L. License only too! All the Other N.F.L Gun Dealers is (09)There License Is Class-3 Renewal Class-3 License Rentals will Cut off too! Is N.F.A License is (09) F.F.L.s to only too! The complaint is to many Class-1 is Regular Gun Dealers only too. & To many Pawn Shop Junk Dealers of Class-2 License With Class-3 Is N.F.A License is (09) F.F.L.s too! The Pawn Shop & Gun Dealers is Off Limits to Class-3 Is N.F.A License too! Reason is They Can”t be Trusted with this N.F.A. License too! Reason is : Criminals do Shop there a lot too! It true! This is Reason is The Pawn Shop Junk & Gun Dealers is Limited with Class-2 Is (02) F.F.L. License only too! & State License by the Issues by Country Sheriffs Dept State License Dept they Live In too. They Do Business too. ! True! Theses Gun Dealers N.F.L. License is only (09) Only too! Automatic Weapons too!

  33. Guest

    I’m debating on which class to get. Id like to be able to buy sell trade regular firearms and machine guns. I also want to deal in suppressors and do transfers for friends and there are only a few places near me who do transfers and most are overpriced. My thinking is offer a better price more business comes in…. right? Which class or classes would you suggest for this endeavor?

  34. Guest

    Brandon. I am very impressed with your site here. I do have a couple of questions and I am hoping you can guide me in the right direction here. First, do you know what language I should use in order to set up a trust. I have a few reasons for this. I want all my family members to able to handle and shoot all the guns and associated accessories.This leads to the question of which license do I need to fulfill the following. I have an aunt who owns an automatic weapon and wants to give it to us (we live in the same state). I want to install a selector switch on my Glock so I can shoot semi or full auto. I will be purchasing more than one silencer. Finally, I want to reload my own ammo since our collection is growing and I just want to keep costs down.

  35. Guest

    Hey Brandon I am wanting to get my Type 7 FFL for buying selling and assembly of firearms. Is it possible to get it at a residential address? And later on after business picks up is will I be able to get my class 3 SOT for suppressors? thanks

  36. Guest

    We currently have an 01 FFL – could you advise on how to switch to an 07? We are in the midst of being an SOT and would like to manufacture in the future. Any and all help is appreciated!

  37. Guest

    Hi Brandon – I am not an FFL123.com customer.. yet. Would I need the FFL & SOT package or simply the SOT package? I already have an FFL but would technically need to submit a whole new application. Thanks!

  38. Author

    If you already have an FFL, just need the SOT package. If you need help getting more or better wholesaler connections or free software to manage your A&D Book, the FFL Combo would only be $15 more. Excited to assist you! Brandon Maddox

  39. Guest

    I want a Type 7 Class 2 SOT, but I also want to import/export. Can I import/export with that alone? Do I have to get the FFL first? What is the other subset class/type to import/export? How much is the total cost?

  40. Guest

    Hi Brendan I bought the FFL 1 2 3 guide and I am happy to report that I am now FFL license owner. My only question is this I was told that I did not need 01 and 08 license together that the 08 license will do but my license came with a card at the bottom that says not valid for sale or other disposition of firearms and that left me confused so I called the ATF 1-800 number and they told me that I needed both and my local ATF told me that only the 08. So I’m extremely confused and why would my license say at the bottom not valid for sale or disposition of firearms

  41. Guest

    Can you adjust or inform those that get a Type 6, 7, 8 ect that they may fall under the ITAR registration requirement… last I checked it was over $2,250/year…

  42. Guest


    I am confused regrading type 1 and 7. If I want to buy/sell guns and ammo, but also build guns from parts and sell them, do I need a type 7 because I am buying the gun in parts and putting it together? I have no plans to make or design my own parts. I plan to buy all the parts from established manufactures and assemble them. Will type 1 work? Lastly, is there any reason to get a type 3 with either 1 or 7?

    Thank you in advance.

  43. Guest

    Hi, What type of license would I need to make improvements to a semi-auto that could potentially make it full auto… Not necessarily looking at it going full auto but, potentially it could. Nothing illegal like the lightning link and nothing really for my personal use. I’m an electrical engineer and have an idea on automating the triggering mechanism and would like to begin working on a proto-type.

  44. Guest

    i think i am going to start with FFL 1 a $200 atf fee and when the budget allows add the SOT $500 atf fee later. which one of your guides will give me the best deal and access to all of your resources for a home based FFL.

  45. Guest

    so FFL 07 would do the same thing as FFL01 + SOT Class 3
    i can deal / possess NFA weapons? that would be a hell of a lot cheaper FFl 07 $150 vs FFL01 $200 + SOT Class 3 $500 {every year}

  46. Guest

    With an FFL07, would I be able to purchase a new machine gun from another FFL dealer? Also, to deal in NFA class 3 weapons (suppressors, SBR’s, etc..) I would need to apply for an SOT class 3 license? Just doing research before buying your guide. Thanks…

  47. Guest

    I want to be able to buy sell and manufacture guns and also buy and sell ammo. What type of ffl would I need to do both ? Everything is a little confusing

  48. Guest

    Hi Brandon,
    how would you compare your service to
    others on the market,
    the cost is similar and they all offer the similar things, your insiders review will help me choose the right now ,
    -i am leaning towards setting up a home-based LLC before i start the FFL process

    1. Author

      Each of these are former customers of FFL123.com, they are niche toward compliance (lawyers), which is important… but if you never get off the ground… compliance is not an issue. We have helped 80,000 plus people since 2005 and the start up phase is critically important to nail first in my mind. Compliance is more important once you have sales volume. An unemployed remington lawyer with no viable firearms business brings no value to the entrepreneur equation in my mind.

  49. Guest

    I am a retired Navy Officer looking to start my own firearms business. Type 7/8 combo. Will this allow me to own pre&post86 auto weapons?

  50. Guest

    Mr. Maddox,
    I am interesting in using your services for the Type 3 FFL license for older pre-WW2 weapons. I am also wondering if this will allow me to order ammo online for it and have it shipped to my office? As I hunt with these guns out of state, will this help with the CA requirement of taking ammo out of state and then without proof of purchase cannot bring it back in? Thank you for your assistance.

  51. Guest

    If I’ve got the type 7 FFL, and wish to apply for a Class 2 SOT, would I need to pay $1000 or $500 for the initial application? Additionally, does the TTB Excise Tax apply to all firearms imported/manufactured, or just SOT/NFA applicable imported/manufactured?

  52. Guest

    i’m just looking what I need to do to have guns shipped to my house not selling or repairing for sale in other words if I buy or win a raffle from another state or same state I don’t have to go through ffl lic.store to pick up gun is there a lic. for this for background check on my own

  53. Guest

    I am a gunsmith in Australia with 30 years experience I will have the opportunity to move to Florida very soon. I currently hold the equivalent of a FFL 07 here in Australia. My question is Will there be a barrier for me applying for an FFL when not a citizen. I will be eligible for a work visa. I m sure this will take time to approve so would it be legal for my wife to apply and I work under her FFL.

  54. Guest

    I looking for a ffl licence for personal use where I can get guns shipped to my house from offline. Would not sell very many guns if any. which one would be best suited?

  55. Guest

    I am about to apply for my FFL. I am not employed by a gun store and am just a collector who also wishes to build ARs and fix other types of firearms. Can I get a class 7 without being affiliated with a shop?

  56. Guest

    Hi. I am ready to pull the trigger on your guide but I need to know. As a NY resident, once I receive a Type 01 or 07 licence am I allowed to apply for a Class 3 SOT to mainly transact in sales of silencers? I understand NO sales to NYS residents – however am I allowed to have Class 3 SOT items in my possession as samples?

  57. Guest

    I am debating two separate kinds transactions.

    I am interested in receiving online ammunition orders in NY and then transferring the shipment to the final consumer. Do i need an FFL1 or is an FFL06 sufficient?

    If I wanted to include ownership transferrals? FFL01?

  58. Guest

    hey my name is nick and I wanted to know if I could manufacture and sell ammunition out of my garage and until I buy space and grow and then sell ammunition I manufacture and firearms from other companies?

  59. Guest

    Hello, I’m about to purchase your guide but I just want to make sure I’m on the right track:

    I would like to get started in suppressor manufacturing.

    My goal would be to set up an LLC in order to manufacture/build/make suppressors FROM SCRATCH to sell to the general public (through the NFA process, of course. i.e. form 3’s to dealers & form 4’s to non-dealers, etc)

    If I understand correctly, in order to get started I would first need a Type 07 FFL & Class 03 SOT through the LLC.

    Is that correct?

    Would I also need the $3000+ ITAR registration?

    Thank you in advance!

  60. Guest

    I am active duty military so if I get a type 07 with class 3 SOT license out of home in Alabama and in a year or two get moved to another state will I be able to transfer the FFL to another residence?

  61. Guest

    I have a question, must post 86 machine guns purchased using my licenses and sot remain at the FFL registered address? Or am I legally authorized to take a post 86 machine gun to an off site 3rd party location for testing (shooting) in Nevada?

  62. Guest

    I bought a copy of your guide in 2014 and never moved on it. Now I believe I am ready to move forward. I still have it saved in my computer. Does the same forms still work or do I need a newer copy.
    Also I am looking at buying, selling and engraving guns. Do you suggest FFl oo1 and oo7 for this?
    Thank you, Paul

  63. Guest

    What would the FFL 9 Give me that the FFL 1 would not? Please be specific as possible. What type of ammo or firearms could I don’t I buy with a FFL 1 vs a FFL 9.

  64. Guest

    1. Note: 01/01/2021A.D . to 12/31/2021 A.D too! The Total of Gun Dealers of (01) is old Count was: 56,976 (01) 7,103 (02) N.F.A . 128 (09) too! Before too! Note We Lost 9877 Smaller Gun Dealers (01) an (02) too! None of the N.F.A . (09) Gun Dealers not been touch!! 2. There is Reduction in Gun Dealers (01)& (02) too! Reason is Gun Violations doing Bad Uncover illegal Guns Sales To Felons Criminals An Foreign Non Citizens Criminals of other Counties too! Have arrest Records too! It true!! Business too! They will lose There F.F.L.s License (01) (*02) Regular Gun Dealers too! It true!!! Warning by the B. A.T.F .E. A . Inspectors too ! 07/01\/2021` to 12/31/2021 too! Refuges to Number-2 2 . There is less Gun Dealers is (01) 48,037.5 Regular Gun Dealers Retailers. There 2164.5 Pawn Shop & Gun Dealers Retailers in the U.S. too. There Still 128 Gun Dealers N.F.A is 128 (09 too! The Total over Count Gun Dealers Store Fronts is 50,330 F.F.L.s License Dealers Stores Front Businesses too !!! Do you Agree? Sir ? Or Mam?

  65. Guest

    Thanks for your helpful site and information. I am considering 01 and Class 3 combo. One question that I have is this. Lets say I maintain the FFL 01 and Class 3 for many years and have some personal items like, suppressors, SBR, etc and then I pass away how do I leave what was in the FFL 01 Class 3 to my family? Do I have to have it setup in a trust?

  66. Guest

    1. The Number of Carrying Permits from Sheriffis Dept Office of the Country Sherriff! Thee State they n Applications being Law Abiding Citizens in 40 States too. Do allow it too! If they want to Apply for Statewide Carrying Permit too! The State of IN. too! The Application Carrying Permit Remain Legal too! It is a State Law of all The Counties in IN State too! Do you Agree? Sir? Or Mam?

  67. Guest

    1. (01)52,971 + (02) 7087 +(08) 1190 (09) 127 (010) 430 (011)272 = 76,743 Licenses issued too! P.S. Gun Dealers Store Fronts Gun Stores! Gun Shops by Trade. Sporting Hunting Fishing Camping & Gun Stores too. (01) 52,976 F.F.L.s Pawn Shops Junk & Gun Stores too! (02) 7087. N.F.A (09) 127 + The total of Gun Dealers Retailers is 60,185 F.F.L.s License Dealers Retailers Store Fronts & Commercial Property’s as one package + one Gun Dealers Retailers Gun Store Businesses’ too! Do you Agree!! Sir? or Mam?

  68. Guest

    What is best option if I work with an auction company, and would like to be able to transfer weapons from estates, to clients. All types, some pirate black powder types, flintlocks, also sbr and sometimes silencers we have even seen some machine guns

    And I would also like to be able to do some small buying and selling on my own at our business

    Thanks for any info


  69. Guest

    I’m looking to file for my FFL/SOT and I heard that if I get the license under a sole proprietor I would be able to keep any post samples if I give up my license, If I file under a Corp or LLC i would have to give them up if i give up the license. Please advise.

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