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How to get FFL in Georgia (GA)?

Do you want to know how to get a Georgia FFL? Well it is a multi-step process that involves not only applying with the ATF, but also getting various state and local business licenses. You also have meet certain legal and zoning requirements, as well as follow certain ATF policies.

While this might seem overwhelming it really isn’t as long as you are taking things one step at a time. Starting with Federal requirements, we’ll show you the basic steps on how to get a Georgia FFL, and get you going on the path to having your own gun business in Georgia!

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Federal Requirements

To start on getting your Georgia FFL, you’ll need to meet some basic criteria required by Federal law. The ATF won’t even consider issuing an FFL to a person unless these requirements are met. Generally speaking though, as long as the following apply to you, then you shouldn’t have any trouble getting the ATF to approve your application. To qualify for an FFL, the following must apply to you.

  • Be a US citizen or legal permanent resident at least 21 years of age.
  • Not be convicted of a felony or misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.
  • Not be a user of illegal drugs (even marijuana in states that have legalized it.)
  • Not have been dishonorably discharged from the US Military.
  • Not have any active warrants for your arrest.
  • Not have any pending criminal charges against you.

In general, as long as you are a law abiding US citizen over 21 who can legally own a gun, you can qualify for an FFL. However, there is more to getting the ATF to approve your Georgia FFL application than just being a legal gun owner. You also have to show the ATF you are in compliance with state and local laws for operating a business and selling guns as well.

This means you’ll have to have all your ducks in a row on local and state licensing and zoning, so let’s take a look at that.

State Requirements

Like many states, Georgia requires gun dealers to have a state issued firearms dealer license along with an ATF issued FFL. Naturally you get this license after you are approved for your FFL. Georgia’s state firearm license is unusual in that it only is required if you sell so-called “small” guns 15” or shorter. Which is to say, handguns.

Many state licenses are relics of the time before the ATF required FFL’s or when background check databases were not as integrated as they are today, and a seemingly redundant state license made some sense. However, Georgia’s already requires that you have an FFL, making it pretty pointless in this day and age.

You’ll need to pay a $25 application fee, along with a $3 fee per employee in your business. The form also has to be notarized and mailed in. All in all a pretty outmoded system. You can download the Georgia State Firearm License Application here.

Local Requirements

For the most part, local Georgia laws will be friendly to people operating gun businesses. If you are planning a traditional brick and mortar store, those will always be easiest to get business licenses for. You’ll mainly need to just rent a location that is zoned for retail (or manufacturing if you are going that route) and make sure you have a decent security system.

If you are planning a small, home based FFL you may have some difficulty simply due to how various jurisdictions deal with retail operations in a residential area. Many small Georgia FFL holders choose to operate from their homes and have little problem with this.

If you live in a rural or unincorporated area, odds are you’ll have no problem getting a license for a home based FFL. Such places tend to have few restrictions on home based businesses, and are often ideal for a part time gun dealer. In more urban areas you may face some zoning restrictions or even pushback to the idea of a home based FFL. However, in nearly all cases this can be overcome, as it is rare that all retail activities are banned in a residential area.

FFL123 customers enjoy unique industry insider support when it comes to navigating zoning issues. Remember, the ATF will not issue you an FFL unless you are capable of conducting business at your chosen location. This makes having your business location approved by local authorities very important. You’ll probably want to check with your local permitting agency first if you are planning a home based FFL or operating in a non traditional location.


If you want to know how to get a Georgia FFL, the easiest way is to get an FFL license guide from FFL123. Our guides are written by leading experts in the gun industry who have helped many thousands of Americans get the FFL they want and deserve. Our guides will walk you step by step through the entire FFL application process, including Federal laws and requirements, what the ATF wants to see before approving your application, and more.

If you encounter any issues with your application (and let’s face it, there are times when nothing seems to go right), FFL123 is here for you. In fact we offer a 150 percent money back guarantee. You’ll get your FFL, or we’ll take a loss on the sale of our guide!

FFL123 customers also enjoy ongoing support from our expert staff, as well as unique member only support forums where you can get custom tailored support for the questions you have. Remember, simply filling out an FFL application isn’t enough to get it approved. You’ll have to interview with an ATF agent, and satisfy them that you are familiar with applicable Federal and Georgia laws when it comes to selling guns, as well as having your location approved for your type of business. FFL123 will guide you through that entire process so you can get your Georgia FFL as quickly as possible!




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