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How to get FFL License in Florida?

Have you wondered how to get an FFL in Florida? Well, it isn’t hard with a bit of guidance and understanding of how to navigate Federal and state forms. An FFL or Federal Firearms License is required to deal in firearms, and to make guns or ammo for resale. Because most states also license gun dealers, and also have business license requirements for FFL holders, you have to comply with Florida laws before you can be approved for your Florida FFL. Let’s take a quick look at how to get your Florida FFL and what you need to do to get it.

Federal Requirements

Your first step in getting your Florida FFL is to apply for your Federal Firearms License with the ATF. This is usually the most intimidating part of the whole process and the most confusing. When you use an FFL guide from FFL123, we’ll walk you step by step to make sure you get the entire application properly filled out.

There are some general requirements that any person absolutely must meet before they even consider starting to apply for an FFL though. As a basic rule, you cannot get an FFL unless…

  • You are a US citizen or permanent resident 21 years old or older.
  • You have never been convicted of any felony or other disqualifying crime. If you can’t own a gun, you can’t get an FFL.
  • Are an unlawful user of a controlled substance. This includes marijuana, even in states that legalize it.
  • Have never been dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces.
  • Have no active warrants for your arrest.
  • Are not subject to any ongoing criminal charges.

In other words, as long as you are a law abiding US citizen, you can go ahead and start applying for your Florida FFL.

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State Requirements: FFL license requirements in Florida

While most states require a state level gun dealer license, Florida does not have such a requirement. This makes sense because most state laws that required them dated back before Federal requirements to have an FFL, and are simply outmoded relics from another generation.

However, Florida FFL holders still have to comply with some state laws. Your ATF examiner will expect you to understand Florida law before approving an FFL.

Most notably, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) issues a 22 page guide on procedures and compliance rules for how FFL’s are to process background checks (PDF download.) This makes Florida what is known as a “partial point of contact state” which means some or most FFL background checks are done through a state agency instead of the FBI.

The FDLE book is something all aspiring Florida FFL holders should read and understand before applying for their FFL.

When you buy an FFL123 license guide, we’ll help you understand the differences between state and Federal background checks, and the times when you do all your background checks through the state, instead of using Federal resources, when to know the difference.

Local Requirements

This is the part that makes getting a Florida FFL the hardest. Getting a Federal license is a matter of complying with basic requirements. There is no state level gun dealer license, and setting up a business or corporation is just simple paperwork. But local retail (or manufacturing if you are going that route) zoning regulations have slowed down or even stopped more people from getting an FFL than pretty much any other reason.

The ATF will not approve your application unless you can demonstrate your ability to actually conduct business at your desired location. To make things easier, do a bit of homework ahead of time.

  • What kind of business are you operating? Retail storefront? Manufacturing? Gunsmithing? Small home based FFL? Something else? Each one will have radically different real estate and zoning requirements. FFL123’s industry experts can help you with this step and understanding what you need to do to get your location approved.
  • Are there any restrictive local zoning issues that would either impact FFL’s or the type of business you want to operate?
  • Will you need to seek a variance to operate your Florida FFL in the location you want?
  • What kinds of state, county and city business licenses and permits will you need for your location and type of business?

Most of these questions can be answered by simply stopping in at your local permitting office. Many cities and towns want business, and will not overly hinder your efforts. However, if you hit roadblocks, FFL123 customers can get help and advice to navigate the sometimes murky water of permitting.


Getting your Florida FFL is a multi-step process. It requires compliance with Federal, state, and local laws and rules. You’ll need to get properly licensed in Florida for the kind of business you want to run and for the location you desire. You’ll have to show the ATF you understand Florida gun laws, and are licensed for your business location.

For most Florida FFL applicants, this is a fairly direct process, albeit one with a lot of annoying and sometimes confusing or difficult paperwork. Don’t worry though, if you are an FFL customer, our step by step guides will walk you through the entire process. Plus, our industry insider experts will be there to assist you with anything that pops up along the way that might slow down your application.

For almost 20 years, FFL123 has been the leading FFL assistance program. We have many thousands of satisfied customers operating everything from full service FFL’s to small home based businesses that bring in a little extra income for their owners.

Are you ready to start getting your Florida FFL? Click here and choose the guide that is right for you and let’s go! Not sure which guide is best? Ask us and we’ll discuss the options with you to make sure you get the one that suits you and your business goals best.




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