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How to get an FFL in Colorado (CO)?

How to get an ffl in Colorado
Are you thinking about getting into the gun business in Colorado? Do you want to know how to get your Colorado FFL? Well, we know how intimidating anything involving Federal and state paperwork, fingerprinting and background checks can be. That’s why we’ve prepared this quick guide to on how to get your Colorado FFL in current year.

Don’t worry, we won’t confuse you – that’s the government’s job after all. Take a look and let’s get started!

Steps to Obtain Your FFL in Colorado

To obtain your FFL in Colorado, you must complete the five steps outlined below.

Step 1. Federal Requirements

Before you can get a Colorado FFL, you have to meet some basic ATF requirements. It is an absolute must that before you even think about applying for an FFL, you can ensure the following criteria are met for you and all business partners.

  • US citizen or legal permanent resident 21 years old or older.
  •  No felony convictions, domestic violence convictions or dishonorable discharge from the military.
  • No pending criminal charges or active arrest warrants.
  • Able to legally own a gun.

The short way of looking at this is if you are 21 years old or older and can legally own a gun, it’s ok to start the application. You’ll have to provide fingerprints and other identifying information, as well as fill out a multipage form. But don’t sweat it, because when you buy an FFL123 application kit, we’ll walk you through the whole process!

Step 2. State Requirements

Colorado does not require FFL holders to have an additional state gun dealer’s license. That’s good news, because state dealer licenses are heavily redundant and usually expensive. This doesn’t mean that Colorado doesn’t have specific requirements for FFL holders in the state though.

Colorado FFL holders perform background checks through the state’s Firearms InstaCheck Unit. This is in place of the FBI NICS system. However, both use the same Federally mandated 4473 form. The state may charge a fee for background checks, and require FFL holders to setup a payment account.

More information on the Colorado InstaCheck system can be found here.

So the good news is there is no special state license required for a Colorado FFL holder other than business licenses. But as you can see there are unique regulations you have to comply with.

Step 3. Local Requirements

All FFL holders have to be properly licensed where they are doing business. That means local zoning regulations have to be adhered to. It also means getting proper local business licenses. These are all pretty much routine matters in most cases.

FFL holders should note that Denver prohibits the sale of so-called “assault weapons” which means if you are setting up shop in the Denver city limits, you’ll be unable to sell many common, popular sporting and hunting rifles due to their cosmetic and ergonomic configuration.

If you want to know how to get your Colorado FFL for home based FFL’s, you shouldn’t have much trouble either. This is where local issues usually come into play, as it can be difficult to conduct light retail operations in a residential zoned area. However, it is almost always possible to get variances for that sort of thing, but they have to be handled on a case by case basis at a local level.

But again, not to worry – FFL123 customers enjoy personalized assistance with any zoning or local licensing issues that might come up. Our expert staff of industry insiders is experienced with helping small FFL holders get all the licenses and permits they need.

Step 4. Business Requirements

By now you’ve gone through Federal, state and local requirements. Most of the heavy lifting is on the Federal end of things, and in nearly all cases, local issues are routine business license paperwork. But, your ATF examiner is going to want to make sure you are actually conducting business.

You’ll need to show that you’ve got a viable storefront if you have a retail operation, or that you have regular business hours for your home based FFL. You’ll need the software and equipment to handle the Colorado InstaCheck background checks.

If you aren’t sure exactly what kind of final bits of equipment or rules you have to deal with before opening your doors, again no worries! FFL123 customers get one on one hands on guidance here too.

Step 5. Industry Connections

Ok, you’ve made sure you’ve got everything you need to do business. Good to go, right? Well, maybe? You still need inventory, and that can be confusing. There are many different distributors and wholesalers out there for everything from guns to holsters.

Figuring out the best ones for your business can be tough. If you are running a small home based FFL it can be even harder, because many distributors won’t do business with you unless you are spending big bucks or have a storefront. But you guessed it… FFL123 customers get access to a hand curated up to date list of vendors and wholesalers who will be happy to do business with you no matter the size of your operation.


Colorado FFL Licensing Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How much does an FFL cost in Colorado?

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “How much does an FFL cost in CO?” An FFL in Colorado typically costs between $30 and $200 for the first three years of operation. Check out this page for a detailed breakdown of the cost of an FFL.

FFL Types ApplicationRenewalsYearsGuns DealersGuns ManufacturesGuns Importers
FFL Type 1$200$903XX
FFL Type 2$200$903XX
FFL Type 3$30$303XXX
FFL Type 6$30$303XXX
FFL Type 7$150$1503X
FFL Type 8$150$1503X
FFL Type 9$3,000$3,0003XX
FFL Type 10$3,000$3,0003X
FFL Type 11$3,000$3,0003X

Q2. What are the types of FFL in Colorado?

In Colorado, there are nine different types of FFL. The table below contains information on all types of FFL.

FFL TypesThe Purpose of an FFL LicenseSOT Class
Type 1 FFLDealer in Firearms / Gunsmithing (firearms repair)3
Type 2 FFLPawnbroker/Firearms’ Dealer3
Type 3 FFLCollector of Curios and RelicsN/A
Type 6 FFLManufacturer of Ammunition for FirearmsN/A
Type 7 FFLManufacturer of Firearms & Ammunition2
Type 8 FFLImporter of Firearms/Ammunition1
Type 9 FFLDealer in Destructive Devices3
Type 10 FFLManufacturer of Destructive Devices, Ammunition for Destructive Devices, or Armor Piercing Ammunition2
Type 11 FFLImporter of Destructive Devices, Ammunition for Destructive Devices, or Armor Piercing Ammunition1

Q3. Is a Federal Firearms License (FFL) required in Colorado?

Yes! You must have an active FFL if you intend to sell, transfer, manufacture, or do anything else for profit with firearms or accessories.

Q4. Is additional licensing for FFLs required in Colorado?

There are no additional licensing requirements for FFLs in Colorado.

Q5. Is it necessary to register a business in Colorado in order to obtain an FFL?

Yes, you must register your FFL business in Colorado if you want to start one.

Q6. Is there a simple FFL guide for Colorado?

Yes! We have both text and video guides that can assist you in obtaining your FFL in Colorado. We have served over 80,000 customers and are still counting. Customers in all 50 states, including Colorado, have benefited from our step-by-step instructions (CO).

Q7. How to Locate a List of Colorado Gun Dealers?

Find the most up-to-date list of Colorado gun dealers’ names, email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses. You can easily get in touch with the gun dealers. Click here to see a list of Colorado class 3 gun dealers.

Top Pick: Colorado’s Largest Silencer Dealer (CO)

Business NameSilencer Central
Phone Number(888) 781-8778

Q8. Do you know how many FFLs the state of Colorado has issued?

According to the most recent data, Colorado issued 2,974 FFLs. The table below contains data broken down by state.

StateFFLs In Total (June 2021)
AK (Alaska)816
AL (Albama)2,169
AR (Arkansas)1,899
AZ (Arizona)3,564
CA (California)8,878
CO (Colorado)3,043
CT (Connecticut)1,788
DE (Delaware)321
FL (Florida)7,285
GA (Georgia)3,596
HI (Hawaii)227
IA (Iowa)2,040
ID (Idaho)1,570
IL (Illinois)4,444
IN (Indiana)2,734
KS (Kansas)1,824
KT (Kentucky)2,254
LA (Louisiana)1,950
MS (Massachusetts)3,973
ML (Maryland)2,871
ME (Maine)909
MI (Michigan)3,897
MN (Minnesota)2,453
MO (Missouri)4,181
MS (Mississippi)1,462
MT (Montana)1,500
NC (North Carolina)4,544
ND (North Dakota)712
NE (Nebraska)1,109
NH (New Hampshire)1,212
NJ (New Jersey)461
NM (New Mexico)1,042
NV (Nevada)1,341
NY (New York)3,897
OH (Ohio)4,564
OK (Oklahoma)2,218
OR (Oregon)2,152
PA (Pennsylvania)6,279
RI (Rhode Island)575
SC (South Carolina)2,157
SD (South Dakota)783
TN (Tennessee)3,152
TX (Texas)11,164
UT (Utah)1,584
VA (Virginia)4,107
VT (Vermont)558
WA (Washington)3,210
WI (Wisconsin)2,827
WV (West Verginia)1,357
WY (Wyoming)902


Are You Ready to get your Colorado FFL?

We’ve briefly shown you how to get your Colorado FFL for current year. Some parts are easy, some parts are annoying and some parts really require expert guidance if you want to get your business off to a good start.

FFL123 has been helping Americans just like you get the FFL they want and deserve. No matter if you are a home based FFL or working towards getting an SOT to build NFA items, or anything in between, we’re here for you. For almost 2 decades, FFL123 has been driven to provide the best FFL application service. We are here for you every step of the way, and provide guidance even after you get your FFL.

Are you ready to take the plunge? The best time to apply for an FFL was yesterday. The next best time is right now! Click here and choose the application kit that is right for you, or drop us a line and we’ll help you pick the right one. What are you waiting for? Join the thousands of satisfied Americans who have used FFL123 to get their FFL!

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