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As has been publicized in most of our online content, FFL123.com was created to help members obtain their home-based FFL license. We continue to do just that on a daily basis with great success, and it accounts for the vast majority of our members. However, we sometimes get asked if this process will also work for those who happen to have a non-residential address, like a commercial address.

The answer is yes! The very same process that is laid out with such care in the guides is also used to set up an FFL license in a commercial location. After purchasing our guides, you’ll get the same advice and aid in obtaining your federal firearms license as those who are getting one from their home. All of the ATF forms are the same whether you’re getting your license from your home or from a commercial location.

When it comes to location, another question we see often is about where to have firearms shipped. Many members want to know if they can have the location of the license at one address and a different mailing address (for which the reasons are varied). Again, the answer is yes. You can have a physical address- where the “business premises” actually is and any transactions must take place and a separate mailing address- where any mail and shipments can be sent. We cover how to do this in our guides.

For example, Brandon’s firearms business, Dakota Silencer, has multiple locations which means multiple FFL licenses with multiple physical addresses. However, the mailing address for all of these licenses is his corporate headquarters. This setup keeps everything organized within the licenses and ensures a smooth operating procedure. Although this situation very likely does not reflect your reasoning for wanting the separate addresses, it’s just one example of why that feature can be useful.

For more information about how to set up your FFL addresses and any rules that may apply, Join FFL123.com today!

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