Hours of Operation- FFL License

Hours of Operation- FFL License

On the ATF application for a FFL license, there is a section which asks the applicant to list the intended hours of operation. Deciding the best hours of operation is ultimately up to you as the FFL holder, but it may be a decision which you find tricky. How many hours are enough? Should you put down hours for every day of the week? Are there any hours you’re not allowed to be open? These are all important questions, all of which are answered in the guide. We’ll help you navigate the waters to decide what is going to work best for you.

Many of our customers have a full time job when they apply for their FFL. In fact, when Brandon applied for his first FFL, he too had a full time job as a pharmacist. Of course this means that if your FFL is out of your home, your hours of operation are not going to be while you’re at work. We can help you figure out hours which will fit into your schedule to ensure that the ATF will be satisfied with what you’ve provided. We also tell you how to update those hours of operation should you decide that it’s proper to make changes.

Finally, the reason for these listed hours of operation is to give the ATF a time frame in which they can perform an inspection. Because of this, we’ve found in our experience that the ATF has given us a little bit of push back on the hours listed on the application. It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t let the ATF inspector dictate which hours you will be operating. If you’re not going to be at your FFL premises because you are at work, it’s pretty silly to have your hours listed as open, especially for an inspection. FFL123 will help you understand what is required of you by the ATF so that you feel confident the hours you have listed are acceptable.

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