Make Extra Money with your FFL License

Make Extra Money FFL License

Once you have your FFL in hand, doors will open to avenues to create a side income. You’ll be able to set up accounts with wholesalers and manufactures directly, thus giving you access to wholesaler pricing. As has been mentioned before, these prices are often around thirty percent lower than retail. Of course, this is no hard and fast rule and you’ll quickly discover that pricing varies from wholesaler to wholesaler.

You don’t have to worry about doing a lot of shopping around though. One of the benefits of using the guide is that the shopping around has already been done for you! Not only do we list some of the best firearms wholesalers in the industry, but we also give you a heads up on who has the best pricing for different items. That way, you can maximize your profits (or minimize the cost of that gun you’ve always wanted).

Another way to help reduce cost is to shop around for the best pricing on shipping. There are many different shipping companies, so it makes sense to see which company works the best for you. Also, see if there are any programs you can join which may reduce your cost or give you a discount for loyalty or volume. We have discovered a way to save 45% on shipping our firearms, which has given us a great competitive advantage.

The best way to earn and save money is to know what you are doing. will put you in the position to move forward with your FFL with confidence. For more information on wholesalers and pricing, Join!

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