FFL License – Scanned or Emailed Copies

FFL License – Scanned or Emailed Copies

Once your FFL license arrives in the mail, it’s almost certain you’ll want to begin using it right away. There’s a step or two you’ll need to take to get things set in motion.

ATF regulations state that when one licensee is disposing of a firearm to another licensee, the transferor must first verify that the transferee does in fact have a valid FFL license prior to the delivery of the firearm. This requires the transferee to provide a copy of their FFL license to the transferor by whichever means the transferor deems necessary. Under ATF ruling 27 CFR 478.95, licensees are allowed to make copies of their license for sales to another licensee. A reproduction of the license is an acceptable form, as opposed to using an original copy of the FFL license.

Additionally, the license itself states that it must contain an original signature. This does not mean that you have to hand sign every single copy. The ATF has decided that as long as the person whose signature appears intended it as an original signature, it is valid, regardless of whether the signature is done by hand in pen, stamped, or auto-penned.

When it comes to getting the copy of your license to other licensees, such as wholesalers or another licensee to whom you are shipping a firearm, the ATF has approved various avenues of delivery. It is acceptable to fax a copy or attach a copy to an email. Should you choose to utilize this form of delivery, be sure to check that the scanned copy is clear and legible. The name and address as well as the FFL license number and expiration date should be readable by the recipient. A fuzzy or poorly presented license may cause the recipient to question the validity of the license. It’s also just courteous to send a clear copy of your FFL license.

If you would happen to receive a copy of a FFL license from a firearm you are receiving which appears to look odd- different typefaces, crooked address lines, difficult to read license number- you can check the validity of the license via the ATF’s FFL eZ Check website. You simply need to type in the FFL number, and it will tell you if the license is active or not. The ATF does not require that you use this system; it is simply available as a convenience. We recommend checking all FFL copies you receive to ensure valid before shipping a firearm.

The arrival of your FFL license in the mail is incredible and exciting! It means the start of a new adventure for you.

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