FFL123.com Customer Map

FFL123 Customer Map

FFL123.com Customer Map –  click here

Like most businesses, FFL123.com was created to solve a problem and fill a customer’s need.  We all know gun owners avoid dealing with the government like the plaque, no one wants to give the government more information than they require.  The other side of the coin is no one wants to mess up an ffl application process with the government either.  Interactions with a government agency can create anxiety with all of us… reason we hire tax advisors to do our taxes that go to the IRS.  Learning from a nationally recognized expert who manages his own four FFL locations in four different states brings great comfort to what can be an anxiety creating process.

To bring additional comfort to a potential customer, we decided to take the zip codes from our 75,000 plus customers and plot those zip codes on a map.  We removed duplicate zip codes and plotted those zip codes on a map that you can interact with and zoom in on all areas.  Each zip code, no matter how many members we have there, is only marked once in an effort to help keep anonymity. Have we helped someone in your zip code?

Additionally, there are many instances in which potential members approach FFL123.com with a level of uncertainty. They typically wonder if FFL123.com will work for them in “their” area. So in an effort to help dispel some of those concerns, we’ve generated this map which marks the spot of the zip code of each of our members.  See map- click here.

You can gather several bits of information from looking at this map. The first is that Americans from coast to coast have become members of FFL123.com. The guides and Brandon’s help are popular no matter where you live! The second is that you can tell the areas of the country in which firearms are most popular. Seeing high numbers in your state should not be disappointing. More members means more interest in firearms. The large interest in firearms could lead to great opportunity for a hobby adventure or side income if so desired.

FFL123.com wants to work towards helping you accomplish your goal of obtaining your FFL license. Because of our large membership base, we’ve seen the full gamut of different or unique situations you might encounter at your local or state level. If you have any questions, contact us today. We’re happy to help.

If you’re ready to get your own federal firearms license, join FFL123.com!  See benefits of getting an FFL for more information.  See NRA Reviews of FFL123.com.

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