Universal Firearms Background Check- A Closer Look

The National Shoot Sports Foundation and McKeon & Associates released study findings that concluded that far fewer Americans think that universal background checks are necessary at gun shows than originally reported. The report written by the NSSF goes on to point out the sharp contrast between their findings and what has been commonly reported by the media. The McKeon study showed that 40 percent of Americans surveyed believe that gun show universal background checks are needed versus the 90 percent which is the statistic many media sources like to use.

So why the large difference in numbers? Knowledge seems to be the key here. When the surveyed individuals learned that the majority of vendors at gun shows are licensed gun dealers who already regularly perform NICS checks on gun sales, it gave them a different frame of mind. It’s very easy for people to agree with the idea of universal background checks when the only perspective presented is: “criminals are walking into gun shows and just buying guns. Universal background checks are necessary to prevent that.” Sure, it sounds like a good idea then.

It’s when the reality of the situation gets placed in front of people that they change their minds. It makes perfect sense that the majority of sales at gun shows would be through a licensed individual or gun dealer. Wholesalers and manufacturers of firearms won’t sell their products to anyone who isn’t licensed. Thus, a federal firearms license is required to actually get any inventory to sell at a gun show. Gun show patrons will be much more likely to gravitate towards vendors with a selection than someone who only has a handful of items to sell. Therefore, most sales will be through someone who is performing a background check.

The study also asked its participants questions which revolve around the way the NICS system currently works. They concluded that Americans feel it is important that the background checks that are conducted are done against a complete and accurate database. That obviously stands to reason as a background check becomes almost pointless if potentially prohibiting records are not included in the search.

Background checks will likely continue to be a big topic into the 2014 year. We’d like to get your opinion of universal background checks. Are they necessary? Should they be required for transfers between close friends and family members? What about at all gun shows? Let us know what you think! And if you’re interested in getting your own FFL license, join FFL123.com today!

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