FFL Location- Required Documents

When you have your FFL license, you are required to keep several important documents and other material on hand at your licensed location (often your home). The ATF will look to be sure you have these things if they do an inspection, so it’s important to know what these documents are.

The first document you need on hand is, obviously, a copy of your FFL license. The license needs to be kept readily available for the inspection of any ATF officer. It’s not as though you’ll have someone from the ATF coming into your location once a month to look at your license, but if someone from the ATF should ask to see it, you should have it readily available. This requirement also holds true for gun shows you may be working as well.

The second document you need to have on hand is the Youth Handgun Safety poster. This poster simply provides information about youths and the use of handguns as well as provisions of the Youth Handgun Safety Act. Along with that, you need the Youth Handgun Safety Act Notice pamphlets. The ATF requires that you make these available for people who purchase handguns from you. The pamphlets basically reiterate the poster and go into more details of the Act itself.

The final information you’ll need to keep on hand is a copy of all of your inventory records. That includes your A&D (Acquisitions & Dispositions) Book, all of the Form 4473s for transfers you’ve done, and any other records you may keep related to FFL inventory. These books should be kept neat and orderly. Brandon’s silencer company, Dakota Silencer, utilizes large 3-ring binders which work well.

If you store your FFL inventory in the same location as personal firearms, be sure you have labeled all personal firearms as “not for sale” so ATF will not bother these personal items.

If you have your Class 3 license, you’ll want to keep a copy of that on hand at your location, similar to your FFL license. You’ll also want to make sure you have all of your inventory records associated with that license on hand too. Additionally, if you’ve applied for any variances with the ATF concerning your FFL license, you need to have copies of each of those accessible.

It’s not an extensive list of documents that you need to have on hand, but it is important that you ensure you have each of these available and up to date. If you haven’t gotten your FFL yet but would like information on how to get it, join FFL123.com today!

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