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Detailed Overview - Class 3 (SOT) License Guide

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Our Class 3 license guides are very thorough and loaded with useful and insightful information.  Many customers ask what is “inside” our guides, thus we have done a chapter by chapter overview.  The amount of information may appear overwhelming. But please realize you will not need all this information, but we cover everything to ensure you are approved no matter where you live or what your unique situation might be.  Also remember, our member’s forums also cover hundreds of topics and other local insights.

Chapter 1 – Introduction – Brandon provides additional information on his background and experience to build confidence in the new customer’s mind on who is leading them through the process.  Brandon went on full scholarship to Duke University, where he obtained his master’s in business administration and served as President of his class.  Brandon operates one of the largest Class 3 franchises in the country; you are truly learning from the expert in this rapidly growing business.

Chapter 2 – A Few Quick Facts– Overview on how Class 3 weapons work; how they are transferred; and how to sell silencers, machine guns, and SBRs.

Chapter 3 – Important Notes – How to keep silencers and machine guns once you let license expire… start the process with an exit strategy for the future.

Chapter 4 – Reviewing Class 3 Laws – Just because class 3 weapons are not allowed in your state, does not mean they are not allowed if you are a Class 3 Dealer.  Cover the specifics…. 41 states allow silencer sales, and this market is more than doubling each year.

Chapter 5 – NFA Mega Reference Guide – copy of the official ATF leader’s guide on all the details in this market.

Chapter 6 – Submitting and completing Class 3 Application – annotated examples included to make clear

Chapter 7 – Next Steps – Starting transfers and building market

Chapter 8 – State Level – where you can sell silencers, machine guns, and SBRs

Chapter 9 – Volume and Market Potential – ATF statistics on items sold per year broken down by state

Chapter 10 – Silencer Sales Paperwork – We have simplified the ATF paperwork approval process so it is easy for your customers to complete process.  Customer directions, etc.

Chapter 11 – Silencer Sales for NFA Trust – customer directions and examples

Chapter 12 – Class 3 wholesalers – secret list we use personally, insider deals only we can connect new dealer with.

Chapter 13 – Dealer Class 3 Weapon Demos & Gun Shows – ins and outs on industry insider information.

Chapter 14 – Additional Class 3 References and Insights – 10 subchapters: ATF NFA Handbook, ATF Form 5 for silencer purchase, History of NFA, Convert AR15 to M16 full auto, Machine Guns, Approved Form 4, Machine Gun Make / Transfer, Fax ATF forms Insight, Buy Machine Dealer Demos, Buy Machine Gun Dealer Samples pre-86

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Brandon Maddox, CEO FFL123

I operate my FFL business online,at gun shows and operations in several states. I have learned all the tricks of the trade.

You probably have questions. We definitely have answers.

  • Q: What is the advantage of having a Class 3 FFL license A: You can buy, make, sell, and transfer all NFA items like; machine guns, silencers, explosives, and other destructive devices. Most popular reason is to buy or make machine gun dealer samples, much cheaper than buying a $10,000 machine gun, make one! You can buy NFA items without having to pay the $200 tax stamp for each item. You can save thousands of dollars that other people have to pay. As a firearms dealer, you will make a lot more selling silencers than just firearms alone.
  • Q: Why Brandon decided to focus on selling silencers as a Class 3 dealer? A: Most popular and fastest growing sector in the entire firearms industry. Less dealers, so less competition.

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