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What are the benefits of getting an FFL License?

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Create a side income from home to make extra money in this tough economy. Also, Save 30% on your guns & ammo! Eliminate those FFL transfer fees and hassles. Enjoy the freedom to buy and sell guns as you please. Plus, having an FFL License may protect you from future gun laws that may restrict the rights of unlicensed persons.

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How much does an FFL cost?

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The application fee is based on the type of license that you apply for. (There are eight types of FFL licenses.) The fees range from $30 to $200 and covers the first 3 years. Yes, the ATF will take a credit card on the application. The FFL renewal cost is $90 every 3 years afterward (which is only $30 per year). It’s a wise and cheap investment.

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Can you tell me more about the contents of your guide?

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The contents of my guides are so insightful and unique; the US Federal Patent and Copyright’s office issued me a Federal Copyright, click here. The guides were written by me, based on my many years of experience as a home based FFL dealer and Class 3 dealer. I have been through the process many times and work in this FFL environment daily. I have FFL locations in two different states.

My guides have been reviewed professionally by current FFL holders, copy editors, lawyers, CPA’s, and even former ATF employees have been hired as consultants to help bring additional …

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How is your FLL License kit different?

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FFL123.com’s product offerings have been reviewed & endorsed by a major firearms magazine editor and publisher, Gun Digest The Magazine, this fact alone places FFL123.com as the Gold Standard in obtaining an FFL.

Here at FFL123.com we are focused on getting you approved; other kits are focused only on completing the paperwork. Based on my extensive research, being a home based FFL License holder for many years (I have 5 FFL’s), and helping thousands of customers get their FFL License approved at home,

I have a simple 5 STEP Process to get you approved. Other kits focus only on the “application”, which …

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Why did you get Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited?

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It is very important to know who you are buying from online these days. I researched the competition thoroughly and discovered several kits have poor ratings with the BBB. I shop cautiously online and I know others do as well. My goal is to give customers a 100% confidence in me, my business practices, and the high quality products I provide.

FFL123.com has always maintained an A+ rating with the BBB. We are part of the BBB Honor Roll as well for providing outstanding customer service!

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How many FFL Licenses are currently active in each state?

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  • 2,339 FFL’s in Alabama,
  • 993 FFL’s in Alaska,
  • 2,996 FFL’s in Arizona,
  • 1,996 FFL’s in Arkansas,
  • 8,205 FFL’s in California,
  • 2,745 FFL’s in Colorado,
  • 1,764 FFL’s in Connecticut,
  • 345 FFL’s in Delaware,
  • 7,288 FFL’s in Florida,
  • 3,745 FFL’s in Georgia,
  • 300 FFL’s in Hawaii,
  • 1,346 FFL’s in Idaho,
  • 4,899 FFL’s in Illinois,
  • 2,933 FFL’s in Indiana,
  • 2,088 FFL’s in Iowa,
  • 1,904 FFL’s in Kansas,
  • 2,442 FFL’s in Kentucky,
  • 2,127 FFL’s in Louisiana,
  • 944 FFL’s in Maine,
  • 2,989 FFL’s in Read more
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