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Understanding FFL Requirements

Getting a federal firearms license can be a very simple or potentially a stressful process.  Our goal at FFL123 is to help make it a simple and a rewarding process.  No stress or concerns about not doing something correctly, peace of mind is our ultimate objective. You will not have to worry about being denied an FFL either.  Our guides walk you through the entire process before you apply, so you will be confident you are going to get approved before you even apply.  The best place to start is by knowing the FFL requirements. Knowing why those FFL requirements are in place will also help you to understand timing on how long the FFL process will take you. Simply put, the requirements for the FFL license are put into place to ensure that only law abiding citizens get approved for their FFL license.  The FFL holder will have the ability to buy, sell, and repair firearms once approved. The requirements for FFL licensing are actually pretty straight forward.

Understand The FFL Requirements Today

The very basic requirements for an FFL are: first, be at least 21 years of age. Second, not be prohibited from shipping, transporting, receiving, or possessing firearms or ammunition. Many of our potential customers ask us how they find out if they are prohibited from any of these acts. This is normally a matter of knowing whether your gun rights have been restricted or not. As a citizen of the United States, you start out with your gun rights intact. People usually only lose their gun rights by committing a felony. However, even if you have a felony on your record, you can get your gun rights reinstated. We can help point you in the correct direction to determine if you fit this requirement. Third, no willful violations of the Gun Control Act. In short, this means that you’ve never intentionally done something you knew to be illegal regarding firearms, such as purchasing a gun for someone who you knew to be unable to own a firearm otherwise. This is called a straw purchase and would be considered a willful violation of the Gun Control Act. Fourth, not willfully failing to disclose material information or willfully making false statements concerning material facts in connection with your actual FFL application. Along with those requirements you also need to certify some basic things concerning your proposed location. The language is simple enough, but are you sure about everything that it entails? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have some help to get your ffl application through successfully the first time?

The feds will not require you to have a gun safe or an alarm system, which will help ensure your initial investment is small and manageable.  You will be required to have an actual location; a post office box won’t work.  Your home is normally fine, but of course you can use other options like commercial locations for the FFL if this is your plan.  You do not have to own this location; renting is fine.  As you see, actual location requirements are minimum.

Requirements For FFL

Firearms transfer volume requirements?  Nope, the FFL License will come up for renewal every three years, and they will ask for an estimate on how many transfers you have done.  Zero over 3 years might be a red flag, but there is no magical requirement at renewal time.  We have helped firearms consultants get their FFL and Class 3, and they rarely do any transfers.  The volume “requirements” are Internet rumors and myths.

You are required to keep accurate records.  You will be required to keep paperwork or digital records of where you obtained firearms from (FFL, not personal) and who you transferred them to.  You are normally required to do a background check before a transfer; some states have permits that replace the need for a background check.  You are required to keep these records for 20 years.

Are you required to place personal firearms into FFL inventory?  Nope, another urban legend or Internet myth.  If you store your “FFL” firearms in the same location as personal firearms (like same gun safe), ATF requires that you place a tag or sticker on personal firearms saying, “not for sale”.  If you plan to sell a personal firearm, you need to move to FFL inventory and transfer the same as any other firearm would be sold.  Selling a personally owned firearm through your FFL ensures a background check is conducted and proper records are maintained.

We know what it takes to get an FFL application approved, because we have helped thousands of gun owners start their own home FFL. We can help you understand the federal firearms license requirements, and we want to make sure your application gets through successfully. That is why every FFL kit we sell comes with a 150 percent money back guarantee. If you want your FFL as quickly and as easily as possible, you are in the right place.

Thanks!  Brandon Maddox, FFL Business Consultant    100% Positive Feedback on eBay as a PowerSeller for over 15 years!


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