ATF Audit Inspection Violations

Our friends at Fastbound have revolutionized the firearms industry with their all digital bound books and ATF form 4473 software. Now while we all know (or should know) that digital recordkeeping is cleaner and tidier than paper, not everyone is ready to give up pen and paper. But there are a few very good reasons why Fastbound software should not only be considered for your FFL, but how it could save your business!

Bad Records are Bad For Business

Did you know in 2019, the ATF issued warning letters to over 1500 FFL’s and over 1600 FFL’s were surrendered or revoked? While some of the surrenders assuredely come from people retiring or leaving the industry for legitimate reasons, many are a polite way of dealing with violations without having more serious action taken against the FFL holder.

The leading cause for warnings and FFL revocation is poor record keeping. Incomplete or improperly filled out 4473’s and bound books with missing, improper or incomplete information are the biggest sources of headaches of even loss of licenses for FFL holders.

But what can you do?

Digitize Your Records!

Fastbound is the industry leader in digital record management for FFL’s. Their unique digital 4473 and Acquisition and Dispostion software are designed to be nearly impossible to operate with errors. They are built to require complete and full entry of information. In other words, Fastbound helps protect YOU from the dangers of the kinds of missing and incomplete records that make the ATF get frisky.

Ready to Protect Your Business? 

Visit our friends at Fastbound today, and be sure to check out their report on ATF audits for 2019!

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