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Get Your FFL License in a Virtual Office

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FFL License in Virtual Office

If you want to get your FFL license, you’ll need to have an address where the license is officially located. Many of our members use their home address as the licensed location as we are the leader in helping people get their home-based FFL as a low cost starting point. Home based FFL is very popular currently, internet changes everything.  However, for some people, it just doesn’t work out well to use their home address. If this sounds like your situation, don’t worry! You still have options to get your FFL …

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FFL Wholesalers & Manufacturers Set Up

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FFL Wholesalers & FFL Manufacturers

Getting an FFL is often a small obstacle, where setting up new accounts with wholesalers and manufactures to buy direct at wholesale pricing is often a larger obstacle than getting the FFL itself.  With limited supplies of firearms, the manufacturers and wholesalers can be picky about who they sell to.  One of the great benefits to using FFL123.com is the help we provide with getting those accounts set up after FFL is approved and in your hands. We’ve heard reports back from many of our customers raving about the success they’ve …

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Women & Firearms: Interest is on the Rise

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Women & Firearms

It’s no secret that women have been a part of the firearms community for some time now. In recent years, those numbers have begun to rise! Women are finding more interest in target shooting, training, and hunting. In fact, according to an article by Fox News, women hunters are up 25 percent from 2006 to 2011. This is great news for FFL dealers and those looking to get their FFL license. Women’s interest in firearms is creating a whole new market for gun dealers.

Companies are emerging which create lines of holsters designed specifically for women’s …

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Gun Control – History’s Lessons

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Gun Control

“History is for human self-knowledge…the only clue to what man can do is what man has done. The value of history, then, is that it teaches us what man has done and thus what man is.”

― R.G. Collingwood

It’s been said hundreds of times over, some ways poetically and some not as much, that the purpose of continually studying our history is to gain insight from it. We are to learn to not repeat the mistakes of our predecessors and to emulate their successes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work in such a way. A Washington Times article which …

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Schools Arming Teachers

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Arming Teachers

Many changes have been proposed and made regarding gun control on national, state and local levels since the tragedy that occurred in New Town, Connecticut. One place in particular that has been changing its policies on firearms is our nation’s schools. Some have gone so far as to allow some teachers to conceal and carry while on the school’s grounds.

According to a new article from USA Today, the most recent school to allow teachers to carry handguns is in Briggsdale, CO. The article reports that four of the 18 teachers will be carrying, and they will also …

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Gunshow Success – FFL123.com New Video Series

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Gunshow Success

Gunshow Success – Making Extra Cash

See Video

Gunshows are popular for gun owners and gun collectors to attend and purchase or trade new and used firearms.  Gunshows are local events and create a great opportunity for the local gun hobbyist to make some extra cash, while enjoying their firearms hobby!

The gunshow is normally a weekend event and requires low overhead and allows dealers and non-dealers to buy and sell firearms.  This trade show environment creates a great opportunity to start slow or grow rapidly in the firearms business.  Works if you have an FFL or even if you don’t …

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Videos for FFL123.com Guides

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FFL123.com Videos

Videos for FFL123.com Guides

New Product Offering from FFL123.com  See Video Intro

We are excited to offer videos to complement each of the forty-four chapters in the FFL License Guide and each of the fifteen chapters in the Class 3 License guide offered here at FFL123.com.  Brandon created each video to make the chapters easier to understand and provide additional details and personal experiences.  Many customers have requested even more tailored instructional videos, thus this is …

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Closing the “NFA Trust Loophole”

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NFA Trust Loophole – Obama

The document aimed at closing the “NFA trust loophole,” otherwise known as the ATF 41P Proposed Rule Change, is fourteen pages of arguments and data laid out to convince Congress that there needs to be a rule change and why. The ATF is leaving the proposal open for comments, and many in the firearms industry have already voiced their opinions.

One general consensus, with which we agree, is the potential of this proposal to negatively impact the silencer industry financially in a big way. In North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming, where our firearms company Dakota …

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Proper ID for a Form 4473

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Form 4473

Whether you’re doing gun sales or just transfers as a service for customers, you’ll need to know how to fill out a Form 4473 properly. You’ll also need to understand what constitutes proper identification for section 20a on the second page of the Form. The Form asks for a valid “identification document” prior to the transfer of the firearm. By law, an “identification document” must have a valid physical address along with a photo, name, and date of birth of the individual.

In some areas of the country, residences are very remote. The driver’s license of the individual, in those …

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Home FFL & Fourth Amendment

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Home FFL & 4th Amendment

Becoming a home FFL is a great way to get started as a federal firearms licensee. It is a common misconception that being a home FFL means that the ATF has the unlimited authority to snoop around your house. This just isn’t true.

Fourth Amendment in a nutshell

There is much to complain about with regards to the U.S. federal government, but it is constrained by certain constitutional limitations. Everyone knows that the Second Amendment recognizes the right to keep and bear arms. Another constitutionally protected right is the individual’s Fourth Amendment right …

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