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Gifting Guns – Is It Legal

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While as Americans we enjoy the freedom the Second Amendment grants us, some restrictions do apply. Most are mainly nonsensical and confusing. The difference between a braced AR pistol and an SBR for example. Or the fact we regulate suppressors like they are machine guns. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the red tape and walk away thinking what the hell? One topic we see a lot of confusion on is the ability to give guns as gifts. We are going to go ahead talk about gun gift giving on both a federal and state level.

So You Wanna Give …

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Expanding Your Gun Business

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You’ve got your FFL! You are buying guns at low prices, and selling them for a bit of profit, and of course keeping your favorites here and there. The business is doing well, but maybe you are looking for additional streams of revenue. It’s important to be diverse in terms of revenue. You want different streams to match the different needs of your customers. This allows you to not only make more money but also bring new customers in. A customer attracted to service A may be suddenly attracted to service B.

What services can a gun-slinging FFL offer? We …

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Little FFLs Get a Big Boost

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There has been a wave of hysteria over the Parkland School Shooting from all sides. The anti gun agitprop machine fires up and wars are fought over Twitter, Facebook, and of course in the halls of legislature. What was new about this particular tragedy is now the battles are being fought on the retail shelves.

Dicks Sporting Goods, announced they would no longer be selling modern sporting rifles like the AR 15. If this sounds like dejavueits because Dicks did the same thing years ago. They virtue signaled as hard they could, and it seems they didn’t want to miss …

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Checking the Other Box

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The year 2017 was the year of the 14-inch barreled, totally not a shotgun, 12 gauge pump action firearm. Mossberg unveiled the Shockwave at SHOT Show 2017 and shortly after Remington released the TAC 14. These two “not a shotguns” became extremely popular and their popularity has led to more and more “not a shotgun firearms.” This year at SHOT we saw 20-gauge models, hardwood models, models from Turkey and beyond.

What should also be known is that 12-gauge firearms aren’t the only firearms out there. This year we saw the Franklin Armory Reformation, an AR pattern firearm with an 11.5-inch …

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The Role of the FFL In Cali

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Oh California, you and your zany, crazy and criminal gun laws are at it again. In July 2016 the Governor of California signed a series of bills that became known as the ‘gunpocalypse.’ The gunpocalypse was a series of laws that greatly restricted the rights of California citizens and their right to keep and bear arms. One portion of the ‘gunpocalypse,’ was the new ammunition laws. The first of two major changes went into effect on January 1st, 2018. This change has made it illegal to order ammunition from a catalog or website and have it delivered to your home. …

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Shot Show 101

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One of the best things about having a Federal Firearms License is the ability to join the NSSF. The National Shooting Sports Foundation hosts a yearly event known as Shot Show. Shot Show is an industry show where the latest and greatest firearms are shown. At its heart, it’s a way for distributors and FFL holders to meet with the manufacturers, make deals and present their products. Shot Show is a bit like the world greatest gun show, except you aren’t buying Mosin Nagants and overpriced beef jerky.

Shot Show is a heaven for guys and …

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Trump Slump? No Such Thing.

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The phrase Trump Slump has hit the ground running in both the firearms and anti-firearms communities. Both sides parading the term to try and convince others that firearms sales are way down due to lack of ‘fear-based’ buying. If you’re considering obtaining an FFL you are probably thinking, well now is a terrible time. Fortunately, that’s just not true. Now is actually a great time to get into the market, and to get your Federal Firearms License.

Let’s Talk Trump Slump

The supposed Trump Slump is a perceived downturn in firearm’s sales. The idea …

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Opportunities of a Class 3 – Hunting

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Do you own a gun store already? Are you thinking about owning one and getting your FFL? Great, it’s a great time to join an ever expanding and evolving industry. If you are thinking about getting your standard FFL and calling it a day you are missing out on a major revenue stream that recently attached itself to the hunting industry. Especially with hunting season in full swing. If you already have an FFL you are also missing out on a major revenue stream. Where does this stream flow from? From Lake Class 3 of course. A class …

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Now’s the Time to Get your FFL

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I don’t want this article to become political, and I’m not endorsing any politicians or their plans outside of the firearms industry. Regardless of your political views if you are a firearms enthusiast you know that the current administration is quite gun friendly and quite business friendly. It’s a winning combination for those looking to acquire an FFL.

Right now is the time to acquire an FFL.

It’s critical to remember an FFL is for people interested in any of the following; …

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FFL License Types

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We’ve made a business of helping individuals get their FFL. My favorite question to ask is what type of FFL do you want? This question is often met with a weird look and a ‘what’. In case you’re asking ‘What’ yourself it’s important to understand that there are multiple types of FFLs out there. Today we are going to cover the difference in FFLs and who the different levels of FFL apply too.

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