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Applying for an FFL can be quite intimidating. Government forms can be confusing or difficult to fill out. Sometimes it isn’t clear what sort of information is being asked for, and of course they are never short, simple documents. So this means a lot of people who want to apply for an FFL never do, because they are turned off by the process.

However, if you are interested in applying for an FFL, don’t worry. We’ve been helping people with this for nearly two decades and have learned a thing or three about the process and how to do it right. …

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Have you wanted to run an FFL out of your home? You’ve probably heard that the ATF doesn’t let people run home based FFL’s anymore, but that simply isn’t true! Internet forum rumors aside, the ATF can and regularly does allow home based FFL’s. In fact, the majority of FFL’s in the United States are home based.

You might be surprised to learn that home based FFL’s are perfectly fine with the ATF. But that’s because decades of rumors have confused the issue. It is true back in the 90’s, the Clinton Administration tried getting rid of home based FFL’s. It …

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Defying the NFA should be every American’s goal, but you should do so legally. Doing it illegally will net you 10 years and 250k in fines. All the fun toys are NFA goodies and if you live in a state that allows them I would say they are the better option than what’s below. However, if you live in a state that hates freedom then the following options are excellent gotos for those looking to have some tax stamp free fun.  

Pistol Braces 

Originally designed to aid disabled shooters in handling and using AR style pistols, pistol braces

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Form 2 Notice of Firearms Manufactured or Imported Guide - FFL123

Perhaps the most interesting ATF form a person can file is the ATF Form 2, or ATF Form 5320.2. Also known as “Notice of Firearms Manufactured or Imported” the ATF Form 2 is filed by an SOT when they want to manufacture or import an NFA item they are licensed to handle.

This form is interesting because it is the only way new machine guns can be manufactured in the US and any imported. Of course that same logic extends to any other commercially produced or sold NFA item. The NFA Form 2 is the beginning of every commercially …

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ATF 5300.4, ATF 5320.1 & ATF 5630.7

Welcome to the confusing world of ATF forms! Ok, now that the cheery sarcasm is out, let’s face it. The ATF seems to have a form for everything except making coffee, and they probably would if they could figure out how to get away with it. However, along with a fresh cup of coffee, we are most interested in three different ATF forms right now – the ATF Form 5320.1, or Form 1 as it is more commonly known, ATF Form 5300.4 or Form 4, and ATF Form 5630.7.

Because bureaucratic numbers are nonsensical and boring, and tell us exactly nothing …

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Gun Buying Surge 2020

In case you haven’t noticed, something striking is happening in the gun industry right now.

Everyone is sold out. Often literally. Guns and ammo fly off the shelf as soon as they can be entered into inventory and can command enormous premiums online. As of this writing, the author noted common 5.56 ball selling for 65 cents a round in some places. Guns are selling for well over normal retail, and ammo shortages may last until 2021. We can reasonably expect guns to be in short supply at least that long as well.

A terrible combination of civil unrest, distrust of …

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Class 3 License for Personal Use -FFL123

We have previously discussed the ways an FFL can be used for personal use (yes, it’s perfectly acceptable as long as you follow a few simple rules and guidelines), but people often wonder about a Class 3 License for personal use. After all, in some states and with some items, a Class 3 license is the only way many people will ever get to have access to things like machine guns.

However, a Class 3 license, or more properly, a Class 3 SOT and the required 01 or 02 FFL to go with it, then you can engage …

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Video Guide

Gunshows are traditionally a great way to make money selling guns and other accessories. However they can also be a great way to go broke if you don’t know what you are doing. Because FFL’s typically buy guns from the same distributors, it is really easy to be selling the same stuff as the guy next to you. The same goes for accessories and ammo.

Customers hate seeing table after table of the same guns and the same gear all with prices that can vary wildly from vendor to vendor, and that can turn them off from your table and even …

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Our friends at Fastbound have revolutionized the firearms industry with their all digital bound books and ATF form 4473 software. Now while we all know (or should know) that digital recordkeeping is cleaner and tidier than paper, not everyone is ready to give up pen and paper. But there are a few very good reasons why Fastbound software should not only be considered for your FFL, but how it could save your business!

Bad Records are Bad For Business

Did you know in 2019, the ATF issued warning letters to over 1500 FFL’s and over 1600 FFL’s were surrendered or revoked? While …

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Machine Guns, SOT Gun & FFL Gun

There is a lot of confusion about owning machine guns or what it means to be an SOT gun dealer or manufacturer. For that matter not everyone knows how an FFL gun dealer can handle machine guns. So we are going to look at some of the history of machine guns, their regulation and how you can legally acquire one today, even in states that are not friendly to machine gun ownership. Along the way, we’ll explain terms like Pre May 1986, Dealer Sampe, Pre May sample, and other things that might be confusing.

Machine Guns and Private Ownership

Some of …

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