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Massachusetts is not a very NFA friendly state, largely because of its focus on the Boston metropolitan area. This is in spite of the state being home to a rich hunting culture and several rural communities that prefer to own all the weapons and accessories they please.

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The issue is more complex than you might think when you look at Massachusetts gun-control law. Technically speaking, citizens can own virtually all NFA restricted firearms and devices. But in reality, such firearms and devices are only legally usable under very certain circumstances and with certain types of licensure or certification. Furthermore, approval to use NFA restricted firearms is given out very sparingly by the state.

Because of this, there aren’t very many class III dealers within Massachusetts borders. This being said, those dealers that do exist may be worth your time and money if you know what to look for. Let’s break down everything there is to know about class III dealerships and NFA restricted firearms within Massachusetts.

Concord Armory

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Mass Firearms School Inc

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What NFA Items Can I Buy in Massachusetts?

As mentioned, Massachusetts is something of a complex state in terms of the NFA regulated firearms and devices you can own and actually use. In the letter of the law, it is legal to own:

  • Short barreled rifles. These are any rifles with barrels that are shorter than 16 inches. This covers the majority of sporting or shooting range rifles enjoyed by enthusiasts across the country. Note that you have to pay another $200 fee on top of the initial asking price to purchase one of these weapons.
  • Short barreled shotguns. These are shotguns with barrels shorter than 18 inches. Hunters and target shooters alike both enjoy these weapons, and they make good self-defense weapons as well. You’ll need to pay another $200 on top of the asking price, as with short-barreled rifles.
  • Machine guns. These are any fully automatic weapons that can fire more than one projectile with a single pull of the trigger. Unfortunately, the only time you’re able to use a machine-gun in Massachusetts is if you are a member of law enforcement and are using the weapon in scope of official duties. In other words, civilians aren’t allowed to purchase these.
  • Destructive Devices. These are explosive devices like mortar and rocket launchers or handheld devices like grenades and landmines. These are purchasable, though they are not really usable in any official civilian context, nor can you use them for property defense. You also need to pay another $200 in fees if you want to purchase one of these.
  • Any Other Weapons (AOWs). This category essentially covers any other NFA regulated firearm or device that doesn’t easily fit into any of the other categories. It covers any projectile-firing or explosive device you may fit on your person, like an improvised gun or explosive. If you buy rather than make one of these, you’ll need to pay another $5 fee on top of the asking price.
  • As with machine guns, only law enforcement or military personnel are permitted to use these while in Massachusetts borders. Furthermore, the silencers must be used in the scope of official duties – you can’t own a silencer if you just happen to be a police officer and want to add it to your off-duty rifle.

When it comes to getting a permit for one of these NFA regulated firearms or devices, the Massachusetts state licensing board is extremely strict. You’ll need to go through a significant waiting period and also go through a very thorough background check in order to make certain of your mental stability. Furthermore, you may not be able to use some of these weapons for hunting despite their obvious applications and legality in other states.

There is one loophole with the above-mentioned and on machine guns and silencers for civilians. If you are a bona fide collector of firearms, you can submit an application to the state government in order to purchase and keep one of these weapons for showing rather than using. If the state government approves this application, you’ll be able to buy these NFA regulated firearms and devices without too much trouble.

Getting a Massachusetts Gun Trust

Because Massachusetts is very restrictive in terms of who it gives out gun licenses and permits to, a gun trust might be in your best interest. In a nutshell, a Massachusetts gun trust is a legal instrument that allows you to purchase and store NFA restricted firearms outside the state and store them safely for enjoyment in more gun-free territories.

Furthermore, gun trusts can enable you to quickly and easily transfer gun ownership to other members of your estate. It acts as a regular trust in the sense that it makes it easy to pass on these firearms to others in your family in the event of your passing.

The great news is that gun trusts are relatively easy to acquire from licensed gun lawyers, both in Massachusetts and beyond. Many of these lawyers have gun trust application forms that are quick to fill out; you might get a legally binding gun trust in as little as five minutes depending on the lawyer you choose.

Be sure to contact your fellow firearm enthusiasts and see where they got their gun trusts from to locate a worthwhile gun law attorney.

Class 3 Firearms for Sale in Massachusetts

Perhaps because Massachusetts has so many restrictions about the use of NFA regulated firearms, there are only a handful of licensed class III firearm dealers. As a result, purchasing class III firearms can be pretty tricky.

Your in-state options are fairly limited. Still, it’s always a good idea to visit a gun store in person if they are within a reasonable driving distance. Doing this allows you to check out a potential NFA regulated firearm yourself before pulling the trigger on a purchase. This essentially guarantees you’ll be satisfied with the purchase instead of finding a nasty surprise about a weapon’s operation or weight after buying.

On the flip side, you can find plenty of excellent class III dealers that have online shops. If you have a legally binding gun trust, you can purchase these weapons online and have the guns be stored out-of-state at a second property or with a family friend (ideally a member of your estate).

The convenience here is that you don’t have to visit a gun store in person. But you do have to be careful about what you purchase, as you won’t be able to try the gun for yourself for up to a year since the ATF takes a long time to go through all the applications they receive.

Buying from a Massachusetts Class 3 Dealer

When buying from any licensed class III dealer in Massachusetts, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure that you buy something worthwhile.

For starters, always look at the reviews of a given class III dealer, instead of defaulting to the dealer that is closest to your home. This involves checking out how other people have rated the dealer’s services in the past. They may mention things like service fees or out-of-state part transfer fees, which can add up to a hefty asking price overall (especially when you consider the NFA fees).

Furthermore, consider whether a class III dealer will be able to put together a custom weapon for your enjoyment. This may mean combining multiple parts from different manufacturers or otherwise tinkering with a gun so that it works just as you desire.

How to Get a Class 3 License in Massachusetts?

On the other hand, maybe you’re more interested in getting your own class III license in Massachusetts and being one of the few dealers in the state. This is actually a great idea since you have the opportunity to provide NFA regulated firearms to other enthusiasts within the state’s borders. A class III license will let you:

  • Buy NFA and non-NFA firearms at cheaper wholesale prices. This is great if you want to run your own business or if you want to add to your collection
  • Earn an excellent income by selling NFA firearms and associated devices. This is doubly true since there isn’t much competition in Massachusetts
  • Guard your current NFA firearm collection against seizure or confiscation, as your licensure will be irrevocable
  • Build your own NFA weapons or devices
  • Operate a legitimate Massachusetts class III dealer business from the comfort of your own home or from another storefront

If you want any of these excellent perks, FFL123 is the perfect resource for you. We’ve already helped thousands of other Americans start their class III businesses right from their own homes. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive licensure and certification guides to guarantee that you’ll be able to get your FFL or class III dealer license no matter what. We’ll even provide a 150% refund if you don’t enjoy your experience!

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