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Vermont used to be one of the most permissive states in the country when it came to gun laws. It’s a largely rural territory, with a significant hunting and outdoor sports culture that many of its citizens maintain today. Thus, it used to be commonplace for people to buy firearms from one another without requiring a background check, and for 18-year-olds to purchase their own rifles for their first hunts.

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However, 2018 changed all that and saw a significant gun-control legislation sweep. While many aspects of Vermont gun law were changed – for instance, now you need a background check when partaking in a private firearms sale, and you have to be 21 to purchase a gun – the state is still a sanctuary for NFA firearms.

In fact, you can purchase the majority of NFA regulated firearms and accessories in Vermont, provided you purchase them from a licensed Class III dealer. There are plenty of Class III NFA dealers you can find in this state, and plenty of opportunities to use these weapons and accessories across the region’s plethora of hunting grounds. Check out this handy guide for Class III Vermont firearm dealers below.

Powderhorn Outdoor Sports Center Inc

Business Name :

License Name :Powderhorn Outdoor Sports Center Inc

City :Williston

State :VT

Email :powderhornosc@comcast.net

Phone Number :(802) 878-2865

R & L Archery Inc

Business Name :

License Name :R & L Archery Inc

City :Barre

State :VT

Email :rlarchery@aol.com

Phone Number :(802) 479-9151

Turnpike Enterprise

Business Name :

License Name :Turnpike Enterprise, Llc

City :Fairlee

State :VT

Email :michael@turnpikeenterprise.com

Parros Gun Shop & Police Supplies Inc

Business Name :

License Name :Parros Gun Shop & Police Supplies Inc

City :Waterbury

State :VT

Email :ethan@parros.com

Phone Number :(802) 244-8401

Whitney, Theodore B

Business Name :

License Name :Whitney, Theodore B

City :East Fairfield

State :VT

Email :tedwhitney@myfairpoint.net

Phone Number :(802) 827-6519

802firearms. Com

Business Name :802firearms. Com

License Name :Gc Consulting Llc

City :South Burlington

State :VT

Email :info@802firearms.com

Phone Number :(802) 988-0116

Gc Consulting Llc

Business Name :802firearms. Com

License Name :Gc Consulting Llc

City :South Burlington

State :VT

Email :info@802firearms.com

Phone Number :(802) 988-0116


Business Name :802traders/ Sirearms

License Name :802traders Llc

City :West Burke

State :VT

Email :shawn@802traders.com

Phone Number :(802) 535-4751

Black River Militaria

Business Name :Black River Militaria

License Name :Naess, Robert E

City :Cavendish

State :VT

Email :bmg17a1@gmail.com

Phone Number :(802) 226-7204

Gun Supply Of Vermont

Business Name :Gun Supply Of Vermont

License Name :Bingo Supply Of Vermont

City :Bondville

State :VT

Email :stuart@gunsupplyofvermont.com

Phone Number :(802) 375-5183

Silencer Central

Business Name :Silencer Central

License Name :

City :

State :VT

Email :customerservice@silencercentral.com

Phone Number :(888) 781-8778

United Trade

Business Name :United Trade

License Name :Amrick, Daniel

City :Bomoseen

State :VT

Email :jon@targetresolution.com

Phone Number :(802) 779-6854

United Trade

Business Name :United Trade

License Name :Amrick, Daniel

City :Bomoseen

State :VT

Email :info@unitedtrade.biz

Phone Number :(802) 468-7568

Westgate Arms

Business Name :Westgate Arms

License Name :Fogarty, John M

City :Newbury

State :VT

Email :john@fogartyforestry.com

Phone Number :(802) 449-7005

Ammo Warehouse

Business Name :Wholesale Sports Ne / Ammo Warehouse

License Name :Wholesale Sports Northeast, Llc

City :Montpelier

State :VT

Email :firearmsb@aol.com

Phone Number :(802) 479-0044

Windsor Arms

Business Name :Windsor Arms

License Name :Newlan, Steven James

City :Windsor

State :VT

Email :windsorarmsco@aol.com

Phone Number :(802) 598-2991

What NFA Items Can I Buy in Vermont?

NFA items are any items that are restricted by the National Firearms Act. In a nutshell, this restricts the kinds of guns people can own across the US. The great news for firearm lovers is that Vermont has very few restrictions. Here are the NFA firearms you can buy in Vermont:

  • Short-barreled rifles. A short-barreled rifle is any rifle that has a barrel of fewer than 16 inches. These are perfect choices for hunting small to medium-sized game or for general self-defense purposes. You can also use them for backyard plinking and target practice. Keep in mind you’ll have to pay an extra $200 in addition to the main price for one of these.
  • Short-barreled shotguns. A short-barreled shotgun is any shotgun with a barrel shorter than 18 inches. It also comes with a $200 fee, but these are fantastic weapons for hunting and self-defense, along with sporting events like skeet shooting.
  • Machine guns. A machine-gun is any fully automatic weapon that can fire multiple rounds without having to reload and with a single trigger pull. Civilians are only allowed to purchase and use machine guns that were manufactured on or before May 19, 1986. The $200 fee mentioned above returns here as well.
  • Destructive devices. You’ll also be able to find destructive devices from Class III dealers within Vermont’s borders. Destructive devices are large-caliber weapons like rocket launchers plus any smaller devices like bombs, grenades, and mines. You’ll usually find fewer of these in Vermont given the state’s rural terrain and focus on hunting. The $200 fee applies here as well.
  • Silencers or silenced weapons. Silencers or suppressors are attachments that lower the noise and recoil of the weapon they are attached to. Vermont actually had these illegal for most of its history, but they were recently legalized in 2015. Once more, you’ll have to pay an extra $200 tax to purchase one of these attachments or a weapon with one of them already built onto the platform.
  • Any Other Weapons (AOWs). Lastly, you can find this category of NFA regulated weapon or device from Vermont Class III dealers. These are weapons or devices that are concealable and which may fire a projectile or an explosive – essentially, any weapon that doesn’t fit into any of the other categories fits here and incurs another $5 fee.

Getting a Vermont Gun Trust

A gun trust is a type of legal agreement and a variation of a regular trust. In a nutshell, a gun trust is an instrument that can let you buy more than one firearm regulated by the NFA much more easily than if you bought each one individually without it. You should also look into these trusts if you want your firearms and accessories to be passed on through your estate in the event of your death.

Basically, gun trusts make it easy to buy multiple NFA regulated firearms by having all of your licensing and regulation information in a single instrument for easy reference. You can also use a Vermont gun trust to list other beneficiaries – for instance, you could allow yourself and your son or daughter to purchase an NFA regulated firearm if they meet the regular purchasing requirements as well.

Fortunately, Vermont has a plethora of gun law attorneys that can provide ready-to-buy Vermont gun trusts. These are extremely easy to purchase and fill out, and many of them allow you to buy a gun trust online in just a few minutes. The documents are pretty common in Vermont since there are tons of sporting hunters throughout the state.

Ultimately, there are too many attorneys to count. You might consider doing some Internet research or speaking to your fellow hunters or gun enthusiasts who have their own gun trusts and see where they got their documents.

Class 3 Firearms for Sale in Vermont

As Vermont no longer has NFA regulations about firearms, finding Class III firearms for sale within the state is pretty easy. The gun control legislation present in this state largely deals with age limits, background checks, and magazine and other attachment limits (for instance, you can’t have a magazine with a capacity higher than 15 rounds). There are online and brick-and-mortar vendors you can check out throughout the state.

But this is a double-edged sword. Buying a Class III firearms from an online vendor is very convenient and might be useful if you live near one of Vermont’s more metropolitan areas (there are a few, but only a few). You’ll be able to check out your guns ahead of time and start the paperwork or place the order without having to get up from your couch. Similarly, use the online retailers if you don’t live near any store-only Class III dealer – for instance, maybe you live in Vermont’s mountains, relatively isolated.

However, you won’t be able to check out the guns for yourself and feel them in your hands. This may result in you purchasing a subpar Class III firearm. Brick-and-mortar Class III dealers often allow you to check out any gun you’re about to buy, and will walk you through the background check and other ATF practices if you haven’t purchased such a weapon before.

Additionally, brick-and-mortar retailers often let you place special or custom orders. These will allow you to customize your rifle to your liking, or combine different parts into a single build. You can usually only do these custom orders when you stop by a store in person.

Buying from a Vermont Class 3 Dealer

Vermont offers a ton of high-quality Class III dealers for you to check out. But you should always keep a few things in mind before you head to a store or before you purchase a weapon. Doing so will ensure that you buy something you’ll enjoy for the long term.

As an example, always try to look for reviews or general customer satisfaction for a dealer instead of defaulting to the closest Class III dealer to your home. Quality is usually a lot better than proximity, especially since purchasing any Class III firearm will involve a long waiting period anyway. Does it really save you time to take a 30-minute drive when you’ll have to wait a year for your weapon to show up anyway?

A great example of this is the FFL or restocking fee that a vendor might apply to your order. Basically, if parts or particular guns aren’t in stock, they might charge a little extra to get the weapon to their location. Vendors will vary dramatically on this pricing point, so try to find one that doesn’t pick your pocket too hard.

Also try to look into how prompt a Class III dealer is with submitting your application and getting your weapon going. It already takes about a year just because the ATF has to process tons of applications every month. Faster dealers that get the ball rolling are usually more worth your time and money.

How to Get a Class 3 License in Vermont?

Maybe, instead of purchasing Class III firearms, you want to start selling them in Vermont and giving back to the community. In this case, you’ll need a Vermont Class III NFA license.

This license will allow you to:

  • Purchase NFA and non-NFA firearms at wholesale prices, which you can use to either bolster your own collection or begin a firearm business of your own
  • Earn plenty of extra income by selling NFA devices and firearms to other hunters and enthusiasts
  • Protect your NFA firearm collection from future bands and from confiscation orders
  • Build your own NFA devices either for enjoyment or for selling to customers
  • Operate a legitimate Vermont Class III dealer business from your home or any other storefront

If any of these activities sound up your alley, you’ll need a Vermont Class III license. Thankfully, FFL123 can help you get it!

We’ve already got plenty of experience helping thousands of other Americans get their own Class III dealer licenses, and we’ve provided other assistance to help individuals begin their weapon businesses. We’ve got tons of comprehensive guides and online information for acquiring standard licenses and for obtaining SOT licenses. Ultimately, we guarantee that you’ll be able to get your FFL using the site or you’ll receive a 150% refund.

Click right here to begin earning your Class III license. Our specialized guides will tell you everything you need to know about FFL or SOT licensure so you can start selling NFA firearms ASAP!

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