7 FFL (Federal Firearms License)


The Type 7 FFL, sometimes called a “manufacturer’s license” is in our opinion the best all around FFL for anyone to get.  Only an 07 FFL can manufacture any sort of non NFA firearm, but with an 02 SOT they can even make NFA items including dealer sample machine guns! Intrigued? Then keep reading and discover the hidden secrets of the 07 FFL.

It used to be that an 07 FFL was one of the worst to get because the Federal Government required paying an ITAR fee, even if you were not engaged in international arms sales. That meant a lot of small FFL’s were simply priced out of the game, and small American manufacturers suffered.

Fortunately, President Trump oversaw the elimination of the ITAR fee for 7 FFL holders and now it is has become simply the best FFL to get.

7 FFL holders have a lot of advantages other FFL’s simply cannot match.

  • They can make anything from ammo to normal firearms. When you add an 02 SOT, an 07 FFL can even make machine guns!
  • The FFL is cheap. Just $150 lets you get into the gun and ammo manufacturing business.
  • There are no limits on the guns you can make as long as they are consistent with your FFL and SOT (if any) status.
  • With an 02 SOT, you can make and sell other NFA items too, allowing you to join the lucrative NFA market.

7 FFL Facts 

It used to be an 07 FFL was simply pointless for most small time gunsmiths and manufacturers since they had to engage in complex regulatory compliance with ITAR and other State Department regulations that did not apply to them.

FFL123 founder Brandon Maddox has had an 07 FFL since the early 2000’s in order to first hand study the difficulties 07 holders faced. Now that he has licensed retail locations in all 42 silencer legal states, Brandon has discovered more than a few tricks and tips for 07 FFL holders that are included the FFL123’s 07 FFL guide.

7 FFL Benefits 

We’ve mentioned already that one of the great benefits of an 07 FFL is when you pair it with an SOT, you can manufacture dealer sample machine guns. While 03 SOT holders with the usual 01 FFL have to get a demo letter, if you are a manufacturing FFL, then you can make machine guns or any other NFA device as part of your regular business. Of course if you surrender your FFL or go out of business, you can’t keep any machine guns you make, but as long as you are in business, you can make dealer sample machine guns to rent at ranges, sell to government agencies or other dealers, or as research or proof of concept designs. In fact, many 07 FFL holders enjoy being able to legally access and build machine guns and other NFA devices.

Plus, 07 FFL holders can manufacture ammo and other guns, allowing them to take advantage of the huge market for custom built and modified firearms.

Ready to Get  Your  7 FFL? 

Not only has FFl123 helped tens of thousands of Americans just like you get their FFL, we are the nation’s leading expert on 07 FFL’s and SOT’s. Why? Because Brandon sells NFA devices in 42 states – something no other NFA dealer can match. We know a few things about FFL’s and SOT’s because Brandon runs the largest NFA business in the nation.

Plus FFL123’s team of industry  insider experts are here for you day and night to help you with your FFL questions.

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