All Time Record Gun Sales in January Create Profit and Questions

Gun Sales increased in January FFL123

Do you know what keeps happening every month? New and record breaking gun sales. According to the FBI, January 2021 was the single highest recorded sales for guns in the US, with over 4.3 million NICS background checks performed.

Many industry leaders expect the demand to continue over the next several months and perhaps further into 2021 as social disruption and fears of radical gun control and confiscation continue to grow. Guns and ammo are backordered for months and inventory seems to move as fast as it arrives.

In fact, this is all so much old news at this point. We know sales are at increasing record levels. We know guns are hard to get. We know ammo and reloading components are pretty much impossible to get. We know there is nothing to do but try to wait it out and get what merchandise you can get right now in order to sell to people who are clamoring for guns. But is there a light at the end of the tunnel, and what’s a person who wants to get an FFL to do in the middle of all this madness?

That’s a Lot of Guns 

4.3 million NICS checks is a lot of guns. Certainly not all went through. There will be a small number of legitimate denials and denials in errors. Some people will get delayed and not pick up their guns. Some transactions will be for multiple firearms. Some of these numbers represent people making multiple transactions. Some will be for private transactions facilitated by an FFL where state law requires it. So that 4.3 million does not represent 4.3 million brand new guns sold out of FFL doors. Or even 4.3 million guns sold.

But it does represent an enormous number of people engaging in firearms purchases and purchasing an enormous number of new and used guns.

Who Is Buying? 

While we can reasonably expect a number of existing gun owners are engaged in the traditional “stocking up” when they fear gun bans (although how many nearly identical guns do you really need?) the numerical majority of people buying guns right now are first time gun buyers from non traditional demographics. And they aren’t buying fancy shotguns or hunting rifles. They are buying defensive guns, concealed carry weapons and home defense shotguns.

Along the way, these new gun owners are buying ammunition, accessories and often more guns down the line.

However, when inventory is wiped out and there is little left but old collectibles and Elmer Fudd’s shotguns, what’s an enterprising FFL to do for revenue while they wait around for their next allotment of guns and ammo from their distributors?

Filling a Need

It is important to remember that these first time gun buyers are rarely coming from a background and culture that is firearms positive. They may reluctantly feel the need to own a gun for self defense, and they almost assuredly are not grounded in Second Amendment legal theory, the basic ideas around the right to keep and bear arms, or even the handling of guns.

Many are quick to sign up for training classes, and this is proving to be a solid revenue stream for FFL’s who offer them. However, if we are to win over millions upon millions of new gun owners who often may have previously supported gun control or gun control politicians, then something more is needed.

Don’t Drive Them Out

It’s not too hard to find examples of die hard political gun owners lashing out at opposing factions, or opposing factions who’s members are now buying guns. This vitriol can reach a point where people are made to feel unwelcome in a community or that they are unwanted in mainstream gun ownership culture. This sort of divide is not helpful during a time when our gun rights are under attack at all levels of government.

FFL’s and gun owners tend to have the benefit of years and decades of gun knowledge and experience, and often come from a background where that knowledge was imparted to them by friends and family. By contrast, new gun owners lack any of this, and often only know what they see on TV, hear from politicians or try to sort out online.

When you sell a gun to somebody, try to figure out how much they know about guns and gun ownership. A few minutes of conversation and education will make friends and undermine gun control efforts. Few will change their political party, but many will signal that they find certain formerly important party planks no longer worth pursuing. In other words, we can break gun control by making new gun owners who will not accept it from their own political parties.

Do You Want an FFL?

In these trying times the economic potential of an FFL cannot be ignored, and consumer demand is at an all-time high. However, it can be difficult to get inventory right now, but clever FFL’s, especially those operating from their homes or other part-time locations can make good money handling transfers and used guns.

More importantly, FFL’s can escape gun bans and having an FFL can protect your personally owned guns. Curious? Our industry insiders can tell you how to protect your guns from confiscation while also operating a profitable business.

For nearly two decades, FFL123 has been the industry leader in online FFL guides. We’ve helped thousands upon thousands of Americans just like you get the FFL they want and deserve. In these wild times, the stability of your own income generating small business can be hard to ignore. Check out our online guides today and let’s get you started on your own FFL!

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