Biden’s Gun Policy Could Destroy Gun Ownership as we Know It

Biden Could Destroy Gun market - FFL123

To coincide with the anniversary of the Parkland Florida shooting, President Joe Biden released what can only be described as a “wet dream” of gun control. One might also call it a wild delusion that seems to fit his “sleepy” demeanor and questionable levels of awareness. However, we can all be pretty sure that either the people pulling his strings are pushing for this wild crap, or that Biden is trying to relive his 90’s glory days when the Democrats pushed through the ill-fated and ultimately useless 1994 ban on so-called “Assault Weapons.”

What is certain though, is that we are in for a bumpy few years, while the left tries to play out their fantasy of bringing about some sort of idyllic Age of Aquarius by making sure the socioeconomic and political classes they don’t like are denied access to guns. Because we all know the way a gun looks makes it that much more dangerous, and those flyover country hicks and inner city urban moms trying to protect their children are evil people, right?

The Biden Plan to Steal Your Civil Rights 

We don’t want to give Biden’s official page anymore links and traffic than it already gets, so we aren’t going to link to it and give it validity it shouldn’t have. We will tell you the disgusting crap that is on it though.

Not only is Biden going after the 90’s fantasy of “assault weapons”, but he’s trying to destroy entire industries at the same time with wild schemes like:

  • Bans on commonly used semi-auto sporting, hunting, ranch and home defense rifles and handguns. These so-called “assault weapons” are attacked over largely cosmetic and ergonomic design features. Biden promotes a whole mythology around the terrors of stocks that can adjust several inches or scary barrel shrouds among other things.
  • Bans on standard capacity magazines (what the loony left like to call “high capacity” even though they basically invented that term out of thin air). Keep in mind, New York, having forced people to use 10 round magazines then went and decided even 10 rounds was too much. The Feds will do the same.
  • A ban on the sale of gun parts by non-licensed dealers. This does away with the ability to build a legal gun in the privacy of your home, creates a regulatory nightmare and would require a 4473 and background check for springs, pins, and pistol grips. Even limiting it to major components would make for an impossible to regulate system and could conceivably shut down the sale of gun parts – exactly what Biden and his cronies want.
  • A ban on private sales. The “universal background check” fantasy of the left thinks that crime will go away if everyone who buys a gun passes a background check. Except we’ve seen too many tragic cases where even the most hardcore background check system did exactly nothing to prevent murder. Maybe we should run background checks on politicians instead?
  • A ban on internet sales of ammo. Somewhat smarter libs, realizing they might not be able to make guns go away want to make buying ammo harder by forcing its sale through a limited number of licensed dealers.

If all this sounds alarming, it should. Because it’s likely that while they will want all of this, the Democrat-controlled congress will start offering “compromises” to get some of it, and you can bet that the top of their list is a ban on common sporting rifles and standard capacity magazines.

So What’s Next?

You don’t need to be told to keep pressuring your local congresscritters about opposing gun control, or joining effective pro-gun orgs like Firearms Policy Coalition. We can take some comfort in the fact that we are in the midst of record breaking gun sales to women and minority groups, which makes gun control a less palatable thing to sell right now. In fact, given the old school, dated policy Biden, Pelosi and others are pushing, it’s pretty obvious that we are seeing the desperate gasp of a bunch of elderly elites who were alive during the days of Jim Crow and now want to once again disarm minorities and vulnerable people.

With a 50/50 split Senate and the very strong likelihood that significant gun control will cost Senate seats, we probably will see less offensive bills come up for serious consideration. Of course, all gun control is offensive, but we probably aren’t at the “sky is falling” stage. Yet. This makes it important to double down on lobbying and supporting groups that effectively lobby elected officials to remind them how offensive gun control is.

Equally important, you need to remind your new customers and buyers regardless of political affiliation to put their foot down and send a message to their elected officials. No more. This far, and no further. Shall. Not. Be. Infringed.

Dodge Gun Bans With This One Weird Trick 

Did you know that even in states with the most restrictive gun bans there is a way to protect the guns you own from bans and confiscation?

FFL holders have to be able to handle the possession of any sort of gun, be it for sale to law enforcement agencies or to handle grandfathered in weapons. That means gun bans don’t impact FFL’s because if they did, the government employees always so conveniently exempted from bans wouldn’t be able to get their guns.

FFL’s are not required to offer all the guns logged into their bound books for sale. A gun can be legitimately used as a demo gun, a range rental, a display piece, an example, a training tool, or any other legitimate related to your business activity. And there is absolutely nothing stopping you from transferring your privately owned guns onto your FFL inventory as long as you are using them for legitimate business purposes, and mark them as such (a not for sale tag usually suffices for demo guns.)

What this means is that even if Biden’s craziest gun hatred dreams came true, the guns in your FFL inventory would be protected.

If protecting your guns from bans, and running your own business sounds good, then you’ve come to the right place. has been helping people just like you get their FFL for nearly two decades, and has tens of thousands of satisfied customers. No matter if you want to run a small home-based FFL or a full blown machine shop with an SOT, we will help you get your licenses. Check out our online FFL programs and let’s get you started today while you still can!

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