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The Sunshine State has a long history of being very friendly to NFA owners. If you want it, you can buy it in Florida. Whether it’s a Pre-May 1986 machine gun or the latest and greatest silencer, it can be yours. And when it comes to what Florida Class 3 dealers can sell you, your budget is the only limit!

We’ve put together a handy list of Florida NFA dealers so you can find the one closest to you, but first, here’s a quick rundown of the NFA items you can buy in Florida, what they are, and how to get them.

What NFA Items Can I Buy From Florida Class 3 License Dealers?

The ATF has several types of NFA guns and devices that can be legally owned when you jump through the hoops. Florida allows ownership of the following legally acquired NFA devices:

  • Machine guns. While no newly-made, privately-owned machine guns have been registered since 1986, there are a lot of existing ones out there – and a whole lot of them in Florida. Your favorite Florida Class 3 Dealer can get you anything that is on the NFA registry if you’ve got the bucks. Even if it’s not physically located there, the dealer can arrange for it to be transferred to you in Florida.
  • Short Barrel Rifles. Short barrel rifles (or SBRs) are great personal defense items, and they’re perfectly legal in Florida. See your Florida Class 3 Dealer for the best deals on the best SBRs.
  • Short Barrel Shotguns. Short barrel shotguns (or SBSs) are another Florida-legal NFA item. Who wouldn’t like a classic sawed off coach gun to channel your inner cowboy? Or maybe you want something more modern? Doesn’t matter, your Florida Class 3 Dealer can get it for you.
  • Any Other Weapon. Any Other Weapon (or AOW) is a term that covers things with bores over half an inch that never had a stock attached to them in the first place, as well as a few other odd items along those lines. Guns like the Serbu Super Shorty are a classic example. What’s really cool is that AOWs transfer at your Florida Class 3 Dealer for just $5 instead of $200 like all other NFA items!
  • Destructive Devices. Destructive Devices (or DDs) cover everything that isn’t a machine gun, SBR, SBS, or AOW. That means the really, really neat stuff, like taking that old Sherman tank and making the main gun on it live again. Or maybe you really want to play with a grenade launcher or mortar. If you can afford it, talk to your Florida Class 3 Dealer.

Getting a Florida Gun Trust

You’ll most likely want to get a Florida NFA gun trust set up to make buying the NFA item (and eventual estate planning) easier. Most dealers will either be able to provide you with a pretty generic sort of Florida NFA gun trust at the time of purchase, or can refer you to a good attorney or law firm to get one. Just ask your dealer if you aren’t sure.

Class 3 Firearms For Sale in Florida

Buying your NFA item from a Florida Class 3 Dealer is really easy! Of course, you’ll have to do some basic research first and let your fingers do the walking before you head out to make your purchase. Depending on what you want, some dealers may not have it on hand, or you may need to special order what you want. That’s completely normal, so don’t sweat it. Some Florida Class 3 Dealers are also manufacturers, so it’s possible what you want can simply be made to order, which is a great way to get a very specific NFA device.

Whether you’re transferring an NFA item from a private party or out of state, or buying an existing or custom built NFA item, finding the right dealer can be tricky.

Check around for the quality of service and transfer fees that suit you best. Again, let your fingers do the walking. For in stock or custom built items, you probably won’t have to pay any sort of FFL fee. If you are transferring an NFA item, expect to pay a fee to the FFL for their time and trouble. This varies from dealer to dealer, so shop around.

Usually, if they are ordering an NFA item like a silencer from a manufacturer for you, there aren’t any extra fees, as they are able to mark their wholesale cost up to give a fair profit that covers the cost of doing business.

Expect to wait once you buy your NFA item. The ATF takes a very long time to process NFA applications – sometimes up to a year. Look on the bright side: it gives you more time to get ammo!

One thing to note: there is no such thing as a “class 3 weapons permit” because you don’t need a permit to buy a gun from a Florida class 3 license holder.

How to Get a Class 3 License in Florida

Who wouldn’t like to be able to make and sell NFA items like silencers and SBRs? Do you want to get a Florida Class 3 License? Keep reading and find out how to do it in just a few easy steps.

Would you like to:

  • Buy NFA and non-NFA guns at wholesale prices for your collection while still running a legitimate business?
  • Earn a good part or full time income selling silencers and other NFA devices in the middle of a rapidly growing market?
  • Protect your gun collection from future gun bans or even confiscation orders?
  • Build your own NFA devices?
  • Operate a Florida Class 3 dealer business from your own home?

Then FFL123 has just what you are looking for!

We have helped over a hundred thousand Americans get FFLs and many thousands to get their own Class 3 business going.

We offer the most comprehensive online FFL guide for FFLs and SOTs anywhere – we guarantee it! Get your FFL with our guide or get a 150% refund!

If you are ready to take the next step and learn how to become a Florida Class 3 dealer, we’re here to help. Our special value pack of guides will get you your Florida FFL and the SOT you need to start selling NFA items!

In the meantime, here’s a list of Florida NFA dealers.


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