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FFL Dealer License

When applying to get your Federal Firearms License, one of the most important things you need to consider is what you want to do with your FFL after approved. Is your goal to gain access to cheaper firearms and do a few internet transfers for others?  Do you simply want the ability to buy and sell firearms and ammo for a little extra side income? You may be looking to assemble custom AR-15 rifles or do a little bit of gun smith work. Each of these goals has a different license type associated with it.

There are several different kinds of FFLs, and if you apply for the wrong FFL dealer license then you could be either denied, be required to start the entire process over again, or will not be able to use your FFL for what you intended. Getting an FFL and then having to reapply later because you selected the wrong one can be a very painful experience.  Concerns about applying for the wrong FFL is one of the many reasons that applicants seek out our insights and expertise at FFL123.com. Many customers like the type 07 FFL, which allows the holder to assemble and manufacture firearms and ammo, along with buy and selling firearms.  The type 07 offers lots of advantages, and we cover in detail how the process differs slightly for this FFL license type versus other FFLs.  A critical step before applying for an FFL is know all the features and benefits of each type.

FFL Dealer License

Most common FFL License Types –

Type 01 FFL License – buy, sell, repair firearms & ammo (ATF fee is $200 for THREE years)

Type 02 FFL License – buy, sell, repair, pawn firearms (ATF fee is $200 for THREE years)

Type 07 FFL License – buy, sell, repair, assemble, and manufacture firearms and ammo (ATF fee is $150 for THREE years)

We look forward to assisting you in getting you FFL.  If you want to make sure that you get the right FFL dealer license then you will enjoy help from Brandon, also owner of Dakota Silencer. Brandon at FFL123 has been helping people get their FFLs for many years now. That means that Brandon knows just about everything there is to know about helping people get home based Federal Firearms Licenses. We’ve been able to streamline the process so well, that many of our customers are reporting that they received their FFL dealer license in 60-90 days.

FFL Dealer License

Be sure to visit our members’ forum and learn from other FFL123.com members.  The forums are divided by state, and you can get real world suggestions from others in your exact area.  Handle local issues related to FFL approval is also helpful to get insights from other local FFL123 members.  Once you have your FFL, you will find so many new opportunities that you never knew were even possible.  Let us hear from you with any questions!

Brandon is experienced (since 2005) at assisting you in getting your FFL approved the first time!  Helped over 50,000 customers, see our customer map!


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