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Jul 31

FFL License Personal Use

One of the biggest perks of having your own FFL License is being able to order firearms for personal use at much reduced prices. However, once you become a FFL dealer, it’s important that you keep track of your personal collection in the proper fashion.

Starting with before you actually get your FFL license, go through your collection and decide if there is anything you’d like to sell. You’ll need to enter anything you might want to sell into your Acquisitions & Dispositions (A&D) book once you get one. Obviously, this is not required to move personal inventory to your FFL books, but a good best practice before you sell a “personal” firearm after getting an FFL.

After you get your FFL license, and you decide to purchase a gun for your personal collection, you’ll need to enter it into your A&D book upon its arrival to your FFL licensed location. Then you can mark the gun out of your records as a disposition to yourself and no 4473 is required. You’ll want to be sure to keep your personal collection separate from your inventory either by storing them separately from your inventory or by labeling your personal collection as “not for sale” with a tag.

If after a couple of months you decide you don’t like the new gun you transferred to yourself and want to resell it, you’ll need to put it back into your A&D book and sell it through your FFL. Any gun you’ve had in your personal collection less than a year will need to be sold through your license if you choose to sell it. For guns that have been in your collection for over a year, you may sell in a private sale as long as you keep a record of the date of that sale in a bound record and make note of the make, model, serial number, and caliber of the weapon. You’ll also need to record the name, address, and date of birth of the purchaser; and the purchaser will also need to be identified in any manner in which you’d identify a purchaser through a commercial sale (e.g., a driver’s license). If the private sale is to another licensee, the name and address of the licensee will need to be recorded. However, most FFL holders choose to sell everything through their FFL and perform a background check to ensure that the purchaser is legally able to own a firearm. It’s about as much paperwork to do it one way as to do it the other, so many FFL dealers hold the opinion that they may as well run the background check while they’re at it.

A note should be made that this procedure is applicable to sole proprietor FFL licensees only, meaning FFL holders who applied as an individual and not a LLC, corporation, partnership, etc. Different rules apply to the situations of LLCs and partnerships.

To learn how to become a FFL dealer and for more information on transferring firearms into your personal collection, Join FFL123.com today!

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  1. Hello Brandon I used your FFL package a year ago to get my FFL. I applied under my LLC of whom I’m the sole owner/manger. How do I transfer a firearm to myself for personal use, I know the ATF rules concerning corporations.

  2. Ihave a Florida concealed weapon or firearm license . Can I buy a hand gun on the internet . My license number W2766508. thank you

    • Local dealer will need to receive it and do the background check sir.

  3. if I have a ffl and paid the SOT. can I then purchase a post 86 NFA weapon ? If so, what happens to this weapon if I give up my liscence?

    • Yes. Need to sell to another dealer or government agency.

  4. If someone has their ffl, and they purchase a gun, do they have to use a different ffl? Does an ffl carrier have to wait 3 days like everyone else for a gun?

    • Their FFL is fine for transfer. No waiting period on FFL to FFL transfer.

  5. In Arizona I can buy myself a weapon, use my own FFL LLC as transferring company and do a 4473 on myself with my Concealed Carry(no NICS check). It does not have to go to a second party FFL… This scenario was touched upon with my local IOI and clearly states have different procedures.

  6. A female friend of mine purchased a handgun from a licensed firearms dealer, who happened to be an ex-coworker of hers. The licensed dealer made her purchase known to other people they had worked with, without her permission. Is there any law saying a dealer must keep that information private? Because of a scary situation she was going through, she didn’t want it to be known she was now the owner of a firearm.

    • Dealer would need to keep all information private.

  7. Brandon,
    I am looking into getting an FFL. Had considered a Collectors FFL, but that doesnt quite cover what I was looking for. I travel a great deal with my wife, she being what they call a Travel Nurse. We are both residents of Idaho, which I have a CCW for. I was looking into the FFL in regards to that when we are for example, in Virginia, would I be able to do an FFL to FFL purchase while out of state? Thanks for any input.

    • Correct, FFL to FFL transfer does not require background check nor have restrictions on state of residency.

  8. Is it true you get your ffl number at the end of the interview that allows you to go ahead and sign up with wholesalers etc?

    • You can sign up with wholesalers before getting the FFL.

  9. I’m an ex-firearms dealer. My business closed and I surrendered my FFL. It won’t expire until July 2018. Can I still buy a gun for my personal use only, not selling or building firearms for anyone?

    • Your FFL expired the day you sent back to WV. Yes, you can still buy sir.

  10. Hi Brandon, I’m currently going through your guide to register a new FFL under an LLC of whom I’m the sole owner in Florida. Once I get my FLL how do I transfer a firearm to myself for personal use?

    • As I note in the guides, best to leave in inventory. 4473 like anyone else if going the transfer out route.

  11. Hello, im considering purchasing a gun offline and have an ffl for manufacturing at our machine shop, we arent a gun dealer, if i order it to my business what do i have to do to transfer it to myself? Do i have to do a TICS or NICS here in TN, then a form 4473 or just the form 4473 to transfer it to myself?

    • Jason – you an FFL123.com customer sir? See chapter 42 sir.

  12. Looking to get my FFL

    • You have come to the right place! We are the gold standard!

  13. With an FFl can I personally own a SBR or silencer without getting a tax stamp? I’m sure I still do. Just figured I would ask.

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