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Gunshows are traditionally a great way to make money selling guns and other accessories. However they can also be a great way to go broke if you don’t know what you are doing. Because FFL’s typically buy guns from the same distributors, it is really easy to be selling the same stuff as the guy next to you. The same goes for accessories and ammo.

Customers hate seeing table after table of the same guns and the same gear all with prices that can vary wildly from vendor to vendor, and that can turn them off from your table and even coming back to the gun show. So it behooves you to learn how to best operate at a gun show. Now you can do that through trial and error, or you can take advantage of our special educational video that reveals major gun show tips and tricks, and key thins to do or not to do!

Why Gunshows Are So Popular

Ever wonder why gun shows attract so many people? After all, most licensed dealers also have storefronts you can visit anytime you want as well, and states that allow face to face private sales have lots of options for private parties who want to sell or swap a gun or two.

The answer of course is the same reason malls are popular. When you can pack a lot of consumer choice and inventory under one roof, the it is easier than ever to shop, and this draws in customers. Plus, small, home based FFL’s may find going to a gun show a great way to move additional inventory and interact with far more potential customers than they ever could at their business address.

The potential for large numbers of customers not only attracts gun dealers, but people who only deal in accessories, parts, ammo, or other items of interest to gun owners, which means people are coming for that shopping mall like experience and variety of guns and related goods in one spot.

Making the Most of Gun Shows

We’ve all seen that sad, lonely beef jerky table, or guy with a pile of overpriced Chinese imported airsoft grade “tactical” gear, or dealers who all seem to have the some boring inventory. In fact, it can be really hard choosing what to sell, especially when you see such a bewildering array of guns and gear being sold.

In fact, it is easy to forget that simply offering something for sale does not guarantee sales or profits. So how do you wade through all the confusion and determine what is best to put in your inventory? Well, if you happen to be really good at market research or can hire somebody who knows the industry and local market well, then you are in luck. But most people, especially small FFL’s don’t have that choice. And as much as we love our guns and particular interests, using that as a foundation for inventory may not be the best choice. For instance, you’ll probably go broke really fast selling only high end muzzleloaders in the middle of an urban city where the main market is concealed carry guns.

However, the FFL123 advantage gives you a powerful edge!

Meet Brandon Maddox

FFL123 founder Brandon Maddox is exactly that knowledgeable business leader and mentor who can guide you through the complexities of successfully selling at gun shows. With a powerful business and pharmaceutical sales background, Brandon shifted his talent to the gun industry nearly two decades ago, and has not only built the nation’s largest silencer dealer from scratch, but also has turned FFL123 into the nation’s leading online FFL program.

Brandon’s own study and personal experience with selling at gunshows has combined with his strong business background to allow him to speak with a unique authority on how to make money at gun shows.

That’s why Brandon has prepared a special instructional video for FFL123 members that will give you all the key tools you need to successfully make money at gun shows with full or part time sales.

Interested? Keep reading!

Our Instructional Video

Brandon has prepared a special instructional video guide that prepares you to make money at gunshows.

Buy this video if you want to

  • Learn insider tips and tricks from a business and industry leader.
  • Take advantage of decades of actual first hand experience selling at gunshows across the nation.
  • Learn what to sell and what not to sell at gunshows.
  • Discover what makes for a successful table at a gunshow.

And much, much more!

Don’t gamble precious time and money on trying to hit on the right formula for gunshow sales success, or waste your efforts on unproven strategy. Take advantage of the decades of actual experience Brandon has, and discover what so many others have about FFL123’s video guides.

Discover What People Are Talking About

If you already have your FFL, FFL123 members can get incredible amounts of industry insider knowledge and training unavailable anywhere else at any cost. If you don’t have an FFL and want to get one, FFL123 will help you get yours no matter what state or city you live in!

Now with updated video guides for our famous FFL guides, there is no better time to get an FFL than right now. In 2020, the gun industry experienced unprecedented demand, with no sign of things slowing down. Positioning yourself now in the gun industry is winning strategy for future income and security.

Sign up today, and learn from leading experts at unbeatable low prices!

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